The BookWalker Freebies Thread

While I’m not sure whether this was the intention of your reply, I have been thinking for a while about how this should be handled. This has included considering whether some tags should prevent a title from being listed here all-together - those of you who peruse Bookwalker’s free list on your own might have already noticed that I occasionally edit this list to remove works that I’ve been advised cross the line into straight-up pornography (the Witches of Adamas, the Goddess’ Sprinter, etc).

Wanikani Community Goal 3 states that 18+ material should not be posted or linked to. While the Anilist API can provide some hints on this, it relies on user contributions and it occasionally misses stuff too. I know at least once I have tried to confirm an Anilist judgment on this and then accidentally left the item in the posted list (fortunately it should be flagged with a warning symbol as this is the default behavior.)

I would appreciate the views of thread users and moderators on this topic. (@Mods, I apologise in advance for pinging you.) What I propose to do from now (including tonight’s post) is just to remove any title featuring any of the following tags:

Sensitive tags

Genre tags: Ecchi.
Cast / Trait tags: Nudity; Succubus.
Theme / Drama tags: Suicide.
Theme / Other tags: Cannibalism; Death Game; Ero Guro; Gore; Terrorism; Torture; War.
All of the sexual content tags.

Some background:
The tag block you cited was taken (I think?) from Blade of The Immortal, which is considered a significant work in comics. It won the Japan Media Arts Festival prize in 1997, and the English translation won an Eisner in 2000. Some works can treat disturbing material in a responsible way that teaches us something about trauma, our responses when it is inflicted on us or our communities, or our rationalisations when we inflict it on other people. Other titles can use these themes in cheap or sensationalistic ways, including works that would otherwise be meritorious. Another thing on my mind is that work that highlights the experience of gender, sexual, or political minorities might include content that others find disturbing (even if that is only ordinary nudity) - like Kabi Nagata’s autobiographical works.

Working by tag (which are also user contributed, with the vulnerabilities that brings) is a blunt instrument - context matters, but I rarely know enough about individual titles to make these decisions in a robust way. I also don’t have the time - or really the desire - to do it. So, unfortunately, until someone can suggest a better solution, I am left with the tag based one mentioned above.


Meh, you posted that in October 2021 and nobody complained. Looking for a solution to non-problems is a waste of time.


Aye, I mean, judging but the number of replies I doubt anyone’s got this on Watching except for you and me. :joy:

Honestly, I agree with @plantron that it’s a non-issue right now. I appreciate the work you put in to link the titles and I think I’m fine with the discretion you’ve been using so far. :+1:


Thanks for sharing these resources, and the time and effort you put into it. (I’m new to reading, so I’ve downloaded a few things from this thread in the past month, but haven’t read any yet.)

I think just posting the tags the way you do now is probably enough. They’re a good basis for people to be able to filter things further themselves.
Like you said, books including those themes/tags can handle things with sensitivity - and it those cases, they could be really excellent stories.
But, if you’d feel better about narrowing the terms, go for it.


been lurking here for a while, and agree with people’s responses above: the current system works well for me, i can ignore the things i want to ignore and engage with the things i do. it’s up to the people who click to be sure that that’s something they absolutely want to do. that’s what the warnings and tags are there for imo. removing the content completely, regardless of whether it’s sensitively handled or not, feels a bit wrong to me.

ultimately tho i think it’s up to you and the mods, especially if it’s treading the acceptable forum content line


Ok - consensus so far seems to be to leave everything in, let’s see if the mods have anything to say about this for next week.


Alive: The Final Evolution (2003) - 74 - Adventure, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Tags: Shounen, Super Power, Time Skip, Love Triangle

All-Rounder Meguru (2009) - 75 - Action, Drama, Sports
Tags: Martial Arts, Seinen, Yakuza

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (2000) - 86 - Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Band, Coming of Age, Male Protagonist, Shounen, Foreign, Primarily Male Cast, Heterosexual, Love Triangle, Bullying, Crime, School, Swimming, Martial Arts

  • BECK(1) 4/21 (木) 23:59まで
  • BECK(2) 4/21 (木) 23:59まで
  • BECK(3) 4/21 (木) 23:59まで

Blue Lock (2018) - 82 - Action, Drama, Sports
Tags: Football, Battle Royale, Primarily Male Cast, Male Protagonist, Ensemble Cast, Athletics, Shounen, Fitness, Augmented Reality, Tragedy, Achromatic, Trains

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc (2016) - 82 - Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mahou Shoujo, Romance
Tags: Magic, Shoujo, Urban Fantasy, Female Protagonist, LGBTQ+ Themes, Dissociative Identities, Time Manipulation, School, Bisexual

Chihayafuru (2007) - 85 - Drama, Romance, Sports
Tags: Karuta, Female Protagonist, Josei, School Club, Coming of Age, Love Triangle, Card Battle, School, Tomboy, Heterosexual, Primarily Teen Cast

Days (2013) - 74 - Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Sports
Tags: Shounen, School Club, Male Protagonist, Primarily Male Cast, Ensemble Cast, Football, School

  • DAYS(1) 4/21 (木) 23:59まで
  • DAYS(2) 4/21 (木) 23:59まで

Defying Kurosaki-kun (2014) - 71 - Drama, Romance
Tags: Shoujo, Heterosexual, Love Triangle, Female Protagonist, Tsundere, School, Amnesia

Division Chief Kosaku Shima (1992) - 76 - Slice of Life
Tags: Seinen

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro (2017) - 75 - Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Bullying, Tsundere, Female Protagonist, Tanned Skin, Male Protagonist, Primarily Female Cast, Tomboy, Heterosexual, School, School Club, Slapstick, Gyaru, Drawing, Shounen, Judo, Primarily Teen Cast, Yandere

Drifting Dragons (2016) - 74 - Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Tags: Dragons, Food, Aviation, Seinen, Steampunk, Primarily Adult Cast

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (2011) - 74 - Supernatural
Tags: Youkai, Shounen, Male Protagonist, School, Food, Coming of Age, Urban Fantasy, Magic, Shapeshifting, Super Power

FAIRY TAIL+ (2010) - 68 - Comedy, Fantasy
Tags: Shounen, Magic

Fire Force (2015) - 77 - Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Tags: Super Power, Shounen, Religion, Post-Apocalyptic, Firefighters, Gods, Conspiracy, Tragedy, Meta, Cult, Cosmic Horror, Demons, Crossover, Military, Nun, Alternate Universe, Dragons, Swordplay

Flunk Punk Rumble (2006) - 74 - Action, Comedy, Romance
Tags: School, Delinquents, Female Protagonist, Shounen, Male Protagonist

Go, Go, Loser Ranger! (2021) - 70 - Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Tags: Anti-Hero, Tokusatsu, Male Protagonist, Henshin, Shounen, Conspiracy, Espionage, Shapeshifting

Heat Edge (1989) - 80 - Comedy, Mystery
Tags: Josei, Police

Hell Girl (2005) - 66 - Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural
Tags: Shoujo, Urban Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Afterlife, Bullying, Alternate Universe

Hozuki’s Coolheadedness (2011) - 75 - Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
Tags: Afterlife, Demons, Ghost, Seinen, Mythology, Reincarnation, Anti-Hero, Male Protagonist, Animals, Educational, Economics, Politics, Magic, Dragons

In/Spectre (2015) - 76 - Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Tags: Youkai, Detective, Urban Fantasy, Age Gap, Female Protagonist, Shounen

Inuyashiki (2014) - 74 - Action, Drama, Psychological, Sci-Fi
Tags: Seinen, Cyborg, Tragedy, Super Power, Robots, Philosophy, Crime, Male Protagonist, Fugitive, Aliens, Bullying

I Want to Hold Aono-kun so Badly I Could Die (2016) - 74 - Horror, Romance, Supernatural
Tags: Afterlife, Body Horror, Female Protagonist, Reincarnation, Seinen, Ghost, Amnesia, School

K2 (2004) - 70 - Drama
Tags: Medicine, Seinen

  • K2(1) 4/21 (木) 23:59まで
  • K2(2) 4/21 (木) 23:59まで
  • K2(3) 4/21 (木) 23:59まで

Kira-kun Today (2011) - 76 - Drama, Romance
Tags: Shoujo, Coming of Age, Female Protagonist, Tragedy, Animals, Bisexual, School, Crossdressing, Heterosexual

Kiss Him, Not Me (2013) - 72 - Comedy, Romance
Tags: Male Harem, Otaku Culture, School, Coming of Age, Tomboy, Female Protagonist, Shoujo, Heterosexual, Bisexual, Parody, Primarily Male Cast, Primarily Teen Cast, Tsundere, Time Skip

Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight (2015) - 74 - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Tags: School, Shoujo, Age Gap, Idol, Female Protagonist

Love & Lies (2014) - 65 - Drama, Romance
Tags: Love Triangle, Male Protagonist, Heterosexual, Dystopian, Female Harem, Primarily Teen Cast, School, LGBTQ+ Themes, Tragedy, Shounen, Denpa

Lovesick Ellie (2015) - 80 - Comedy, Romance
Tags: Shoujo, Love Triangle, School, Female Protagonist, Tsundere

Medaka Kuroiwa is Impervious to My Charms (2021) - 73 - Comedy, Romance
Tags: Shounen, Tsundere, School, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Love Triangle, Religion, Kuudere, Yandere

MF Ghost (2017) - 70 - Sci-Fi, Sports
Tags: Cars, Seinen

Missions of Love (2009) - 69 - Comedy, Romance
Tags: Shoujo, Love Triangle, Female Protagonist, School, Tsundere, Male Protagonist

Mushishi (1999) - 85 - Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Tags: Seinen, Episodic, Male Protagonist, Environmental, Historical, Youkai, Philosophy, Mythology, Iyashikei, Rural, Tragedy, Demons

My Boy (2015) - 77 - Drama, Psychological, Slice of Life
Tags: Female Protagonist, Seinen, Time Skip, Age Gap, Love Triangle, Office Lady

My Boy in Blue (2012) - 72 - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Tags: Shoujo, Age Gap, Female Protagonist, Police, Time Skip, Love Triangle, School

My Little Monster (2008) - 79 - Comedy, Romance
Tags: School, Love Triangle, Shoujo, Female Protagonist, Coming of Age, Heterosexual, Tsundere, Delinquents, Kuudere, Age Gap, Baseball, 4-koma

My Master Has No Tail (2019) - 71 - Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life
Tags: Rakugo, Seinen, Female Protagonist, Youkai, Yuri

OH!MYコンブ (1991) - 100 - Comedy, Slice of Life
Tags: Shounen

Ookiku Furikabutte (2004) - 81 - Comedy, Sports
Tags: Baseball, School Club, Seinen, Primarily Male Cast, Primarily Teen Cast, Male Protagonist

Peach Boy Riverside (2015) - 70 - Adventure, Fantasy
Tags: Shounen, Demons, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence (2017) - 77 - Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: 4-koma, Shounen

Say “I Love You”. (2008) - 75 - Drama, Romance
Tags: Shoujo, Coming of Age, School, Heterosexual, Female Protagonist, Love Triangle, Bullying, College, Time Skip, Age Gap

Skip and Loafer (2018) - 84 - Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Female Protagonist, Coming of Age, School, Primarily Teen Cast, Seinen, Urban, LGBTQ+ Themes, Transgender, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, Acting

Something’s Wrong With Us (2016) - 75 - Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Romance
Tags: Josei, Work, Heterosexual

The Full-Time Wife Escapist (2012) - 77 - Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Work, Josei, Female Protagonist, Primarily Adult Cast, Parody, Heterosexual, Age Gap, LGBTQ+ Themes

The Quintessential Quintuplets (2017) - 79 - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Tags: Twins, Female Harem, Primarily Female Cast, Coming of Age, Love Triangle, Male Protagonist, Heterosexual, School, Shounen, Tsundere, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, Family Life, Time Skip, Kuudere, Ojou-sama, Acting, Adoption, Tanned Skin, Chibi

The Ride-On King (2018) - 74 - Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Tags: Isekai, Male Protagonist, Magic, Centaur, Slavery, Shounen, Dragons, Skeleton, Dinosaurs, Martial Arts, Zombie

Villainess: Reloaded! ~Blowing Away Bad Ends with Modern Weapons~ (2019) - 61 - Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Tags: Villainess, Reincarnation, Magic, Isekai, Female Protagonist, Guns

Waiting for Spring (2014) - 77 - Romance, Sports
Tags: Shoujo, School, Female Protagonist, Heterosexual, Love Triangle, Basketball

What Did You Eat Yesterday? (2007) - 74 - Comedy, Slice of Life
Tags: LGBTQ+ Themes, Food, Boys’ Love, Seinen, Work, Primarily Adult Cast, Iyashikei

When Will Ayumu Make His Move? (2019) - 76 - Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Female Protagonist, School Club, Shounen, Shogi, Male Protagonist, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, Slapstick, Tsundere, Love Triangle, Primarily Teen Cast

Wistoria: Wand and Sword (2020) - 72 - Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Tags: Shounen, Male Protagonist, Dungeon, Magic, School, Swordplay

With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Fun (2017) - 72 - Comedy, Slice of Life
Tags: Animals, Female Protagonist, Family Life, Episodic

Your Lie in April (2011) - 83 - Drama, Music, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Tragedy, Coming of Age, School, Love Triangle, Rehabilitation, Heterosexual, Shounen, Male Protagonist

この会社に好きな人がいます (2019) - 74 - Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Primarily Adult Cast, Office Lady, Female Protagonist, Seinen, Male Protagonist

なにわ友あれ (2007) - 72 - Action, Romance
Tags: Cars, Seinen

なにわ友あれ (2007) - 72 - Action, Romance
Tags: Cars, Seinen

なにわ友あれ (2007) - 72 - Action, Romance
Tags: Cars, Seinen

なにわ友あれ (2007) - 72 - Action, Romance
Tags: Cars, Seinen

ぼくのアデリア (2021) - 73 - Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

オーバードライヴ (2005) - 70 - Comedy, Romance, Sports
Tags: Cycling, Shounen

カッコウの許嫁 (2019) - 70 - Comedy, Romance
Tags: Primarily Child Cast, Heterosexual

カメレオン (1990) - 70 - Comedy
Tags: Parody, Delinquents, Shounen, Male Protagonist

ゴリラーマン (1988) - 73 - Comedy
Tags: Seinen, Delinquents

シンデレラは探さない。 (2020) - 72 - Comedy, Drama, Romance
Tags: Shounen, Heterosexual

ストッパー毒島 (1996) - 71 - Comedy, Sports
Tags: Seinen, Baseball

ストーカー行為がバレて人生終了男 (2018) - 80 - Drama, Mystery, Psychological
Tags: Male Protagonist, Shounen

ダイロクセンス (2021) - 70 - Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Tags: Crime, Detective, Primarily Adult Cast, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Shounen

ポンコツ風紀委員とスカート丈が不適切なJKの話 (2019) - 75 - Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: School, Tsundere, Shounen, Gyaru, Ensemble Cast, Heterosexual

メイドの岸さん (2020) - 71 - Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Maids, Shounen, Male Protagonist, Kuudere

佐伯さんは眠ってる (2018) - 71 - Comedy, Romance
Tags: Male Protagonist, School, Female Protagonist, Heterosexual

創世のタイガ (2017) - 73 - Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural
Tags: Seinen, Historical, Outdoor, Language Barrier, Survival

半助喰物帖 (2018) - 92 - Comedy, Slice of Life
Tags: Food, Seinen, Male Protagonist

友達として大好き (2020) - 70 - Comedy, Romance
Tags: School, Gyaru, Seinen, Bullying, Coming of Age

君が死ぬ夏に (2016) - 70 - Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural
Tags: Shounen, Time Manipulation, School, Ghost, Male Protagonist, Amnesia

恋のツキ (2015) - 74 - Drama, Romance
Tags: Seinen, Primarily Adult Cast, Female Protagonist, Age Gap

沈黙の艦隊 (1989) - 80 - Action, Drama
Tags: Military, Seinen, Male Protagonist, Primarily Male Cast, Primarily Adult Cast, Ships

海皇紀 (1998) - 78 - Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi
Tags: Martial Arts, Ships, Pirates, Post-Apocalyptic

焼いてるふたり (2020) - 77 - Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Food, Male Protagonist, Primarily Adult Cast, Seinen, Female Protagonist, Family Life, Rural, Outdoor, Educational, Office Lady

目黒さんは初めてじゃない (2018) - 70 - Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Female Protagonist, Rehabilitation, Male Protagonist, Seinen, Coming of Age, School, Love Triangle

私の正しいお兄ちゃん (2018) - 70 - Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Josei, Heterosexual, Primarily Adult Cast, Female Protagonist

私の正しいお兄ちゃん (2018) - 70 - Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Josei, Heterosexual, Primarily Adult Cast, Female Protagonist

紛争でしたら八田まで (2019) - 100 - Mystery, Slice of Life
Tags: Seinen

絡新婦の理 (2015) - 76 - Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller
Tags: Detective, Historical

花とくちづけ (2020) - 70 - Romance, Slice of Life
Tags: Age Gap, Shoujo, Heterosexual

辺境の老騎士 バルド・ローエン (2016) - 74 - Adventure, Fantasy
Tags: Seinen, Male Protagonist, Food, Primarily Adult Cast, Primarily Male Cast, Swordplay, Time Skip


Happy Birthday @curiousjp ! :sparkles: :rainbow: :cherry_blossom: :birthday:


happy birthday! :cake: and thanks for doing these lists, it really is helpful :slight_smile:


Grats @curiousjp, have a nice day.

I look at this thread about every week.


Happy Birthday!! :cake: :birthday: :partying_face:

And thanks again for these weekly lists, I always come to check them out. As for the tag issue, I’ll agree with others that the tags are more than enough to allow us to filter the results ourselves depending on what we’re looking for, I see no need for you to worry about it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy birthday! :confetti_ball: And thanks again for all the effort you put into these lists! I’ve read (for free!) and loved some manga I never even would have known about if not for this thread. :heart: :heart: :heart:


I think you underestimate the number of lurkers around. I, for one, am a bit of a book hoarder, and I’ve discovered that digital books take much less space than physical ones. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for all the work you put into this @curiousjp !


Happy birthday!! And thank you so much for these weekly lists! I really appreciate them (I also have this set to Watching)



Just to echo the rest, I very much appreciate all the hard work you put into running this thread. I’ve discovered a lot of manga thanks to it, even in the short time since I’ve found it (and set it to watching two weeks ago because I forgot about it for a while…), and also got a lot of manga for free that I otherwise would have paid for, so I’m certainly grateful for it. :grin:

Regarding the tags, I agree that the system works fine as is, but I’ll leave it up to yours and the mods’ discretion about how appropriate it is to link works that ride the line a little bit.


Happy birthday @curiousjp!
Thank you for all of your hard work!
I look forward to seeing whats on the list each week - my manga reading has become much more diverse with your help. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was way off on that. :joy:


Happy birthday @curiousjp!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I have downloaded literally over 130 manga from this thread, and I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done with it, and for how much care you’ve put into these lists. You’ve helped so many people find free reading material!


Happy Birthday!!

Echoing earlier sentiments. This seems sufficient for properly filtering things. Also among the crowd who, while not posting actively, checks the thread with every new update. I’ve found quite a few series that motivated me to increase my reading time, and with a slow PC, the tags are also a blessing for filtering out what ones just aren’t my preference.

Thank you so much for all of the hard work. Organizing posts like this takes time, and it’s much appreciated.


Throwing my happy birthday into the ring, and my thanks for the valuable service provided


Happy birthday! :birthday::tada:

I just found this thread a couple of weeks ago and it’s really good. Thank you so much. I hope you had a great birthday :partying_face: