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i have been looking for some free websites where i can read manga online. Where I live there are not many stores selling manga and the ones that do sell it in English rather than the originals. Hence, I need some way to read it (online). And although i dont mind spending some money buying books, I would definetely prefer having them free, so are there any websites where i can freely read manga?


Pixiv is a site where (aspiring) mangaka can upload their work. The way it usually works is to have the first few chapters be free, and then to gate later chapters behind a pay wall if you like the story.

If you don’t mind missing out on parts of the story, you can read for days. ^^


I’m a big fan of ツイ4 | 最前線. These are web manga that are updated periodically. You can scroll down to the bottom to check out the completed ones as well.

These are some of my favorite completed ones, in no particular order:
『よいこ系不良サキュバス サキちゃん』


Fushigi neko! :3


Yes, it totally slipped my mind. Definitely recommended! :+1:

There’s a ton of interesting and funny manga on the site, with plenty to choose from.

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I’ve gotten quite a few manga for free on Amazon Kindle :slight_smile:無料コミック

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This is perfect. Thank you.

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Thanks, didn’t realise there was free manga on there.

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Thanks very much.

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how about

some free chapter but usually some will missing on certain time
usually you can read new chapter with limited time

if you use mobile apps u can read whole chapter of some manga (e.g rave master and fairy tales) using coupon
they give you coupon daily but will expired on certain time

actualy it a book store offer kami and denshi version of manga

maybe you need google it with kanji (e.g 漫画読む) instead of romanji there are a bunch of them

sorry for bad english not native speaker

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