Bookwalker 日本ストア(Japan Store) is only available on browsers

I am greeted by this screen, every time I open the Android app.

I wonder what will become of Bookwalker as a Japanese e-book resource…

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At least the library is still here, I got scared that it was gone too!


I can’t remember anymore what the message was, but I’ve been blocked from buying on my iPad app before and directed to use a regular browser. Does Chrome/another browser on your Android work to purchase?

I can access and use from Chrome and Kiwi Browser, but my default browser is Kiwi. Rarely, having Kiwi as the default browser can be a problem, but probably not this time.

I haven’t tried purchasing, though.

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I noticed this recently too. I’m not sure why they chose to do that. Thankfully, I was only using the app to browse the site and not for reading.

I dont think this is technical problem, but deliberate choice not to let you buy anything through the app.
All purchases made through apps from app store need to leave 30% to google/apple (unless they have some kind of personal agreement?) and i reckon they didnt want to deal with that.
As general rule, try to buy stuff from browser as its often more expensive in the app to offset this fee.


I think it’s a new app store rule. The ebook store/app I was using, コミックシーモア, also recently disabled buying from their app and explained it was because of Google’s new rules.


Yeah, within the last couple months kindle had done the same thing. You can wishlist in the app, but no purchasing.


That’s a “we don’t want Apple/Google taking what’s ours!” move. Haha. I am sure BookWalker figured this out too.