The Beginning of the End

After much blood, sweat, and tears, i’ve finally reached the legendary level 60! I started on March 10th of last year, and since then i’ve never missed a day of reviews. These last 10 levels were by far the toughest, but I fought through.


Before I started WaniKani, i didn’t know an ounce of Japanese! In fact, I had order my first textbook from Amazon the day I started this site. But thanks to the great (and hilarious) mnemonics, I learned the dark secrets of Japanese :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, big thank you to the WaniKani team (Koichi :heart:), and all of the great people on this community. When I started out, people always came to help me if I had any questions. Hopefully I can pay it forward!

If you guys have any questions, please free to ask them!


Them level up times… they’re beautiful.



Thank you! Wish you luck on your journey as well :slight_smile:

Crazy impressive!! Well done.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Very awesome! Im going at about the same pace as you are!

What did you do to supplement grammar? What level do you feel your Japanese is at? (Beginner, Intermediate, etc.)


Nice. It does indeed look like you kept a fairly consistent pace. Good to see no 6 month spikes and whatnot :stuck_out_tongue: I think that’s the most important thing. Even if you don’t level up very quickly, keeping at it on a consistent basis is the most important! Fortunately no spikes for me yet either. Here’s hoping I can keep up my pace :3
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Nice work! It’s motivating to see some examples of people keeping the pace every single day

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Would you tell me how many times did you do reviews per day? As for me I’m doing one per day, still level 17 after around 8~ months. I think I take around 11~ days to level up

1 per day seems like it puts a big load on that specific time, especially going at a fast pace. I think you want to at least make sure you especially do your 4 hour review on time when you do a batch of lessons (and ideally the 8 hour one too). This is both for retention as well as level up speed. But even with a slower speed in mind, I’d recommend upping your reviews. If you can, of course, do when they come in. Personally, I can get them done during bathroom breaks/lunch/waiting on something/etc. If you find little pockets of time throughout the day, it’s good to whip out your phone and knock em out - and if you do so, your review batches should be at small sizes. At 20 lessons per day, I usually have 10-20 review batches, now and then 30-40. But usually when I wake up in the morning, 40-80 o_O

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Whenever I have lessons, I do all them as soon as possible, normally if I have 70 lessons, I’ll do all 70 in one day, doing 10, watching an episode of anime or doing any other stuff for 20 min, and doing another 10 until everything is finished. But about the reviews I think it is harder for me to do many times per day, I’m used to doing it before sleeping, from 80 to 200 reviews, doesn’t matter I normally do they in less than one hour, but it seems this way you level up slower :confused:

Oh jee wiz. Well, this has been discussed in many threads, but I’m personally not a fan at all of the “do all the lessons at once” line of thinking. I think overall retention goes down and work distribution gets wacky. I’d say most people also agree to not do a new batch of lessons until the 4 hour review for the previous batch comes up. For example, if I do 10 lessons at 8 AM, I won’t do a new batch until finishing my 12 PM review. I think accuracy also will shoot up this way. Besides, there is no need to do them all at once. As long as you are strategic with your timing and workload, you can still level up at the fastest pace and spread out the work load. Small, digestible units of learning are pretty good imo. I also see a lot of people who do this “all at once” method complain about reviews and whatnot.

But anyway, it’s up to you. If your accuracy is still above 95%, you’re leveling up at your desired rate, and feel your workload is ok, then it’s whatever.

EDIT: Also, concerning what you said about being “used to” your habit, you can always try easing into another. For example, try doing it at 2 set times instead of 1 and increase it as you see fit. the WK srs timers certainly aren’t law, but if you’re using an SRS program, following the timers as close as possible is good :slight_smile:

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I’m able to read news articles well as long as i’m using tools like Rikaichan. Right now, my main weakness is vocabulary. I’d say i’m somewhere around upper-intermediate/lower-advanced.
Along with WK, I read lots of grammar books. I started off with the Japanese From Zero series (books 1-4 and the 5th online course). After that, I read through Kanzen Master N4 Grammar. Pretty much been cycling through Sou Matome and Kanzen Master since then. Here’s the full list:

  1. Japanese From Zero books + 5th online course
  2. Kanzen Master N4 Grammar
  3. Sou Matome N3 Grammar
  4. Kanzen Master N3 Grammar
  5. Sou Matome N2 Grammar
  6. Kanzen Master N2 Grammar
  7. Sou Matome N1 Grammar (current)

Hope this helped! :slight_smile:


I agree. Consistency is key to success! Many people have been overwhelmed by reviews after a short 3-4 day break! :open_mouth:

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Thanks! Hope to see you at the end :smiley:

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I try to do reviews as soon as they pop-up. On really busy days, I’ll clear my reviews in the morning, try to clear as much as possible throughout the day, and then stay up to clear whatever is left at night.

I agree. Doing all your lessons at once means you’ll have way more reviews at once. It’s better to spread them out so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Heck, I get overwhelmed when I’m unable to access WK for more than 6 hours :laughing: And this is what I think when I see those people who casually laugh off having hundreds/thousands of reviews glaring at them


That is seriously impressive. o no Congratulations.

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LOL, that’s exactly how I feel too! Especially the dread of seeing how many reviews you have when you see that 42+ on the top xD