Post lvl 40 speed increase, and general update

I’ve been going since August 2017 - and although I don’t want to speak too soon - it seems like I am going to to get to 60 this year ! fingers crossed.

The closer I get to the cake, the more painful the thought of the remaining time seems though I have found. Ha.

Post level 40 seems to be going really well ! nice quick levels, and the word 猿真似 - which is a bonus :slight_smile:

Although I have stopped going to class (before corona-virus), I am plodding my way through Japanese for busy people 2, and downloaded the Human Japanese Intermediate app - which i’m finding really useful to reinforce some basic grammar !

I keep trying to read とつばと - but find it a real struggle, and still haven’t got through the first one.

I started Wanikani at the same time I started learning Japanese generally - and i’m still surprised how much I can read - the only problem is although I know how to say things, I often don’t fully get the meaning, as my grammar is lagging behind.

In other news, i’m reading the novel ‘Shogun’, and the same time as reading ‘Japan, and The Shackles of the Past’ (a factual Japanese history). I’ve found this a really interesting experience!

Thanks again to the community - although i’m not posting as much as i used to - i’m still creeping here, and love reading the threads of people much more knowledgeable and interesting than me :wink:



Awesome progress, bud :smiley::+1:

I find that having mini milestones really helps to get through it sometimes.


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Sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job. I dream of the day I reach your level of knowledge. Keep it up!


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