The Beginning of the End

Thank you! Hope to see you reach level 60 too :slight_smile:

Thank you! Maybe you can use your newfound god power to speed up WaniKani? I’m wading through all the low level kanji until I hit something I don’t know.

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That’s how it’s done!!!

I’m curious, did you ever get in the habit of doing review/level up at the same time each week?

I’m trying to keep on a 7 day cycle so my big review batches come at the same time each week (e.g. Thursday nights and Monday mornings, 3.5 days apart). For me it’s very convenient to know when I have to gear up for reviews and I can plan reviews around my travel/work.

But lately due to business travel/all-day customer visits and visiting the west coast, the time zone changes and long plane flights etc. put everything out of whack and I can’t keep to the same schedule. At least now the lessons can be ordered by level without userscripts, so I’m now doing vocabs 24 hours behind kanji/radicals.

Did you have any trouble with these kinds of issues? Anyway CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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I normally just did the reviews as they came. In the past, I would always try to keep my apprentice items around 160, but right now i’m crossing 200 since I wanted to level up quick. During school, I woke up at 6 each day so I could clear out reviews that popped up since I fell asleep. Most importantly, I would always end the day with 0 reviews in my queue. Even if I was busy all day, I would fight through drowsiness just to make sure I wasn’t buried the next day xD

Aside from that, I just used rfindley’s site and tried to keep leveling up under 8-9 days or less (except in the 50s since I was getting buried by lessons coming in :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m impressed. And certainly inspired. Congratulations! Wow

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How many left you got left to burn?


It’s silly I know, but the desire to present a nice consistent graph across 60 levels will surely help keep me motivated when things get rougher.

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Congrats, mrsaturn!!

A couple of questions:

  1. Why do you say the last 10 levels are the hardest?

  2. How would you compare the Sou Matome to the Kanzen Master books?

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How did you (and @Visceral) get those Level Duration graphs?

Probably from here:

Just put in your api key and you’ll have a lot of statistics for your account.


Super helpful – thanks!

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4406 left :3

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  1. Last 10 were the hardest since the number of lessons you get bombarded with is really high. Since you can technically level up in 4-5 days, the lessons keep piling up. The other levels were nicer since the radicals stopped you from unlocking the kanji all at once.
  2. Sou Matome is a lot simpler and less detailed than Kanzen Master. If you could only pick one, then definitely go for KM. However, SM eases you in to the grammar points nicely so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you look at KM.
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Yep! Got the graphics from idigtech :slight_smile:

Congrats. Hope to be there soon as well. The last levels must be tough.

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Congrats that’s awesome!

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So you’ll be around a while, :smiley:

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Congrats!! Very nice work!

What’s the average annual rainfall in the Amazon basin?


2300mm annual average (according to Project Amazonas) apparently :open_mouth:


That’s an amazing level