My progress now :D

hey everyone :smiley:

this isn’t really for anyone, but its just my progress :cyclone:
. I started wanikani 58 days ago (October 14!) so far I’m on wanikani level 3. I’m progressing slowly, but thats alright. I still am kind of busy with school!

Typical Level-up: 25 days, 8 hours, 17 minutes
Time on Level: 6 days, 22 hours, 41 minutes
Level-up In: 18 days, 9 hours, 37 minutes
Items Learned (Guru+): 60部首 55漢字 86単語

these are my stats. I don’t know if I’m going to pay for wanikani, but I think its good. I do reviews here and there and lessons when I think I’m ready, so I don’t schedule anything. my goal isn’t to get to level 60, because my main goal isn’t to read Japanese! I might use and “remembering the kanji” for mnemonics. but I don’t think $9 a month is a hefty price to pay, so I might give the paid version a try.

i really admire the people who have made it to level 60. so amazing!


Welcome :confetti_ball:

I would advise you to try the monthly plan for a bit to see if WaniKani works for you. The first few levels feature much less and maybe already familiar content compared to what’s to come. But I found it to work really well for me and it is also my primary vocabulary source.I have so far tried Heisig and KanjiDamage, both of which were a much worse experience compared to WaniKani in my opinion.

The most important thing with WaniKani is to do reviews daily, then you learn most efficiently :smiley:

woww, thank you for replying :alien: I always do a few reviews a day! I’ve heard of people doing like, 10 lessons and 100 reviews a day but that sounds really extreme to me…I’m taking it slow!


Yeah, I am one of these :sweat_smile: I have an exchange semester in Japan in 10 months so I go almost as fast as possible (avg Levelup time 9-10 days). This can easily get exhausting though, so don’t overdo it if you don’t need to!

Reviews are around 100 per day but can get up to 200 in rare cases.
Normally takes me ~40 minutes to do for 100 reviews :slight_smile:

Just a note to future-you: I follow I guess the same rough timeline as you (median of 8 days per level) and once the enlightened items starts entering the queue after ~six months it’s going to get a bit rougher. It’s pretty consistently 200 items per day nowadays.

Not to discourage, just to mentally prepare :slight_smile:

wowwww, good luck! getting to go to Japan is a big opportunity, and for 10 months! now i understand why you go fast, i would want to improve as fast as possible too :joy:

100 per day!!?? how do you find the time? :sob: it does sound very tiring, i admire you so much :o again, best of luck! you sound amazing!

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Yeah I kind of figured that that would happen…
Next week is when my first burn reviews come up and I hope that my correct/incorrect rate does not suffer too much :wink: But I will try my best.

Can you still keep up your level-up pace with 200 reviews per day?

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I respect the pace!

I’m in the same boat as @DJSmellow, I’m (hopefully) going to Japan in 10 months, so I blitzed through as fast as I could. I definitely don’t regret it, but boy oh boy did it take up some time.

I tried RTK myself and while it’s definitely possible, I’m a big fan of being able to read the kanji instead of just know their meanings.

With all that said, definitely see if WK is the right fit. And if it is, don’t sacrifice your pace if that’s what your comfortable with. Slow and steady wins the race!

also, if you’re interested, WK lifetime is on sale soon, so maybe it’s worth it?? :smiley:


Thank you!
Also, best of luck to you as well!

I guess that going to Japan is enough motivation to keep me going. Normally I am quite the procrastinator but get things done as soon as there is enough “pressure” / a deadline.
I spend quite some time on the Internet anyway, so dedicating 40 minutes of that to WaniKani is definitely doable.

I really think it comes down to what motivates you and how fast you want to reach your desired proficiency level :slight_smile:

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So far it works! But I have to set aside ~2 hours in the evening dedicated to this. I also find myself spending more time on the lessons, in order to properly cement the mnemonics, because especially the vocabulary accuracy has taken a hit recently. So I guess it’s something like 2 hours a day for reviews and then every fourth day it’s 3-4 hours of lessons. I thankfully have a flexible job, otherwise this would be not so doable.

Keep going, all of you - it is quite rewarding to be able to start recognizing and being able to read sentences… things are opening up!


Keep it up! And I also think you should try out the paid monthly plan, as WK gets more useful the further you go.


Be aware that if you are willing to pay, there will be a sale on Lifetime coming on 16 December or so. You can get Lifetime for $200 total.

Given your pace, assuming you keep at it, you would save money going lifetime but if you aren’t sure you want to stick around, it could end up just being a total waste of money. :face_with_monocle:

I went with WK because it is the first tool in 20 years of “studying” that has kept my interest and kept me at it. 154 days in, 154 days studied. Average level up is 8-10 days.

154 days is 94 more days than any other tool I stuck with and I plan to BURN THE WORLD… er, all the kanji on WK before I finish!

Whatever you decide, don’t give up. Keep at studying and it will pay off. Whether it’s taking a trip to Japan and talking to locals, reading a Manga, or reading a book, you can get there if you just keep moving!

And as I tell everyone else, if you ever feel down, get stuck, want advice, want to try to help others, or just want to visit… we are here for you! Whatever you need! Well, OK, whatever you need that we’re able to help with. :smiley:

Good luck!


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