Level 11 unlocked

Started 161 days ago. Just unlocked level 11. About 18 days on average per level.

I’m gonna need to slow down though and focus more on speaking, listening and grammar for the next months. Wanikani is truly super great for learning kanji (and vocabulary) but it takes away time from other aspects of learning Japanese. So I’m probably gonna set a less lofty goal ahead - six more levels by mid 2021 seems reasonable pace for spring/summer next year


How serendipitous. I’m slowing down on level 11 myself to focus on other aspects. The important bit is to never stop. If you stop, you’re actually going backwards. Take it easy and good luck!



And good luck you too! I thought learning kanji would be the hardest part but now I think listening is by far away the toughest for me


Congrats!! Coincidentally, I’m right at level 11 as well.

Your strategy of slowing down to take WaniKani at a less frantic pace is probably a good one. I’ve historically been averaging a level every two weeks, but I’ve done the last couple levels at a rate closer to one per week. The fast progress is nice, but I’m seriously questioning whether it’s sustainable — I wake up to 100+ reviews in the morning, and that’s with having smashed my stack to zero before bed. It’s possible now because we’re so close to the holidays, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this normally.

I’m trying to think about WaniKani as a long game which will take at least a year and probably more, but the important part is getting through regardless of how long it takes. Much better to finish than burn out early.

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Everyone takes it at different speeds. I think I started out around 12-14 days per level, and now I’m averaging 4-5 (some of the later levels are called “fast levels” and can be finished in 3 days 8 hours I think) and before those I was doing 7-8. It feels good to be improving so fast, but at the same time it’s a massive time commitment. I’m glad that WaniKani’s got a system where you can control your own pace via moderating your lesson speed. For people who want to do full speed you can finish in under a year, and if you want to take it slower, you can take as long as you need. It’s a good system, and I love WaniKani in general. Best of luck with the rest of your journey! がんばって!

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I felt exactly the same … but now I feel like they actually make the reading easier because the symbols seem closer to the meaning of the words. Similarly as you, I also find listening much harder!


I agree that this helps with the reading!

Thanks! Best of luck with your few remaining levels as well!

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100 plus reviews when you wake up… That’s too hard for me. Then I wouldn’t have energy left for practicing other aspects of learning Japanese. And what I’ve felt lately is that although its great to learn all these kanji and new words it wont help me that much when I’m trying to speak/listen. It helps a lot when I want to practice reading Japanese texts but it’s like speaking/listening is another language. So painful…

Anyway good luck! I hope you are successful in learning Japanese!

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