The basics of WaniKani

Hey can someone please help me understand the basics of this site. Things like how do I learn and revise the kanji, radicals and vocabulary in the first place.

I recommend first reading the FAQ and Guide – if you have any questions after that, please feel free to ask them ^^

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@gojarappe so that you don’t miss this one.

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Just as a brief summary if you haven’t read the guide yet…When you have lessons ready there will show a number at the top circle for lessons. Click on that to get the lessons. Every five lessons you get a quiz and the option to do more lessons if they are available.

You start by learning radicals. Once you learn and are quizzed the reviews will show up for them in 4 hours. you will see a number at the top circle for reviews so you can click and do your reviews. then you will wait longer and longer times to really get to know them. After you are “gurued” on radicals, then you will get lessons for Kanji and start the review process again. Once Kanji are “gurued” then you will get vocabulary to learn. When you have enough Kanji “gurued” then you will move up a level.

So you do your lessons when available then your reviews. At first it is slow but don’t worry, you will get busy soon then you can choose to do fewer lessons at once if you want to slow down.

Hope that helps.

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Do the honors, @Kumirei

I don’t think this is an introduction post

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Welcome! In this realm, you will find life forms that seek to reach the point beyond kanji enlightenment (The Burning of Turtles). Worshippers of the Crabigator come in all forms - lovely humans, mythical creatures, the brightest and most colorful fruits, vegetables to feed your soul, a poll option you should always choose… and even bittersweet chocolate disguised as めっちゃウザイ little pods.

Now, here’s what you need to know:

  1. The WaniKani FAQ which gives you the 101 on
    a) Before You Join
    b) Common First-Level Problems
    c) The Basics
    d) Learning Method
    e) Account
    f) Sect Names Other :durtle_officer::durtle_stabby::durtle_officer:

  2. The WaniKani Guide (…also known as “how I learned to learn ~2,000 kanji.”)

  3. JPR’s own Ultimate WK Guide and how he completed all 60 levels in 368 days.

  4. The Unofficial FAQ that further addresses specific questions on how lessons and reviews work. His tips and tricks are neatly divided and well thought out which makes for a good read.

  5. The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List! which is a long and thorough list of Japanese resources that the community has worked hard to gather together and is consistently being updated.

  6. The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps that enhances your learning experience with WaniKani.

  7. WK Stats to check your accuracy, progress, projections and more.

  8. The brand spanking new ToS which is probably one of the most entertaining TOS threads you’ll find on the internet.

  9. And finally, the Community Guidelines that will help you better interact with all of us.

See you around! If you have any questions, just ask. We don’t bite much. :sparkles:

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It took me forever to learn I have to read a lot more than I expected to. Also, use outside resources alongside WK instead of questioning how WK works. I spent months wondering when this site would make sense to me but it was when I had a blend of resources that it began to compliment my learning style. I personally love, and .

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