New here, how does it work?

Hi everyone, I’ll get straight to the point. I’ve been on wanikani for some days now, I got some lessons and learned the first 26 radicals. Now, all the site keeps giving me are reviews about these radicals, I don’t uderstand how other “items” are acquired and how to level up. I know it may be a stupid question but I can’t find any infos on the site ( maybe I’m dumb? ), can anyone give me a little explanation about how this works? Thanks!

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You gotta continue until you level up those radicals enough to get some kanji, then level that kanji enough to get some vocabulary. :slight_smile:

Someone said it was 41 hours?

It’s slow at first, but you can imagine that as you get more items, it’s less time between them, as well.

(Something like this:)



Please read the links in this post: Welcome to the WaniKani Community

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If you look at the bottom of the main page, you’ll see a button labeled “FAQ”. Usually all newbie questions will be answered there.


That was I. Below is the fastest progress possible. To get an item to Guru it takes 3 days 10 hours (82 hours). For levels 1 and 2 the apprentice intervals are halved, so it takes at least 41 hours instead.

Review SRS Level Total Wait Next Level
Lesson Apprentice 1 - 4h
1 Apprentice 2 4h 8h
2 Apprentice 3 12h ~1d
3 Apprentice 4 1d 11h ~2d
4 Guru 1 3d 10h ~1w
5 Guru 2 1w 3d 9h ~2w
6 Master 3w 3d 8h ~1M
7 Enlightened 7w 5d 7h ~4M
8 Burned 24w 6d 6h -

So THAT’S where it is! :open_mouth: (I spent a bunch of early time wondering how to get there without having to just type in the url… They really should put it somewhere more prominent, even if just in the early levels.)


In their defense, a lot of sites use this scheme where the different pages of the site are listed in a bar at the bottom, it’s pretty common in my experience :man_shrugging:


Might still be smart to have it in the menu as well image


That’s very sensible. It just felt like everything else important to me was in the top bar here, so it didn’t occur to me that it might be elsewhere on the page, heh.


Having a déjà vu…


I wonder how many potential customers they lose to frustration caused by confusing on-loading and an essentially hidden FAQ link? (Plenty come here to ask, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more just quietly went away.)


They should just have an interactive tutorial during the first lessons and reviews so that people know what and where things are. That’s what will actually help solving the problem. But I’m sure they are aware of this already.


Someone could make an intro video and put it on YouTube. Maybe like a Khan Academy kind of thing.
And ‘someone’ doesn’t have to be Tofugu


Yeah. Bunpro does this, and its great (the first 2-3 times, then you turn it off)


Agreed. I ended up finding the official User Guide through your Guide post (which I found through Googling “WaniKani guide”, very helpful, thank you for compiling that!). There needs to be an actual tutorial or a bright flashing sign that says “Confused? Directions Here!” right in front of your face instead of leaving newbies scratching their heads and wandering aimlessly wondering what they’re missing.


Yep, we added interstitial screens a few weeks ago for new users to take them straight to new lessons, but it’s only a tiny part of the overall onboarding update and obviously we’re not done with it yet!

@Giola971 Looks like you’ve already unlocked and started on new kanji lessons thanks to people already explaining the SRS stages here :tada: You’ll just have to do the same thing with the kanji and continue with your reviews until they get to Guru to level up!


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