How long does it take for kanji to get into my lessions?

Just wondering

That sounds painful but maybe reading these can help.


I’m now asking myself that same question. I’ve done maybe 3 or 4 reviews of the radicals, and see no signs of progress. Is there some kinda percentage bar somewhere to find how many “reviews” I am from “guru”?

kinda disheartening tbh

4x (correctly) answered should get radicals to guru, and unlock you some kanji.


You should read the FAQ here

Basically, you need to get your radicals into “Guru” status, which takes 4 consecutive correct answers.

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I was going to answer, but then I realized someone 1000% more qualified got to it before me

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Close the thread, guys. Nothing to see here

The great master has spoken.

Patience now, young grasshopper. Your kanji lessons shall begin soon.

I had the same question as I keep getting a few radicals thrown at me and I do them in 3-4 seconds, then 8 hours for next review which is another 1-2 radicals. Been a few days of this. Seems awfully slow- is that normal?

Very much normal. First levels are slow, then it’ll speed up. Give it time n.n

unfortunately, if we don’t test people without time in between, it’s not really testing your long term knowledge. It’ll speed up a lot though, if you stick with it.


Don’t be in such a hurry. Once kanji infest your lessons you’ll never get rid of them!!

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rfindley’s userscript Dashboard Progress Plus has an extra (circular) progress bar around each item.
It’s pretty cool!

For level one? Yes… If you didn’t do all your lessons at once. If you want to see more at a time, do more lessons at the same time. In the early levels, you can probably handle this! : D

Yeah, like what others have said, no need to rush. It doesn’t take long to get out of the lowest level, and trust me, if you do everything as it becomes available, you’ll be kept very busy and be learning pretty quickly.

May I ask where did you get the script from? I found this →, but it doesn’t seem to do anything

@maitipooku, That is the correct userscript. You have to read the info on the following link to learn how to install the userscript:

For a list of other popular userscripts, please read:

After about four days, level one users will get their kanji lessons. After about four months, you will be very embarrassed about asking this question.

I know how to install userscript, of course—that’s how I knew it doesn’t do anything.
But, anyway, without any change on my part, it meanwhile started working ¯\_(ツ) _/¯

maybe it hadn’t set your API key yet (would be the case if that was your first script)? If nothing seems to change at first, it’s better to refresh the page a couple of times. Usually that solves it.

Yes, it’s as @wunderbunny said (thanks, by the way!). If it still doesn’t work, it might be because the API changed a bit a week or so ago… Although I do remember seeing that @rfindley already went around and updated all his scripts. (Maybe not regular old timeline, though… And if that’s the case I really need to update to ultimate.)

It sounds like you just needed a refresh on the browser! Sometimes, that happens with scripts. Glad it worked out.