The Adventure Of Dai 2020 Teaser Translation

I was going to translate an old Pokemon trailer when I came across this new trailer. I guess Pokemon can wait.

I remember watching this anime when I was young and seeing it in 1080p is so satisfying. Even better, being able to understand some of it in Japanese makes the experience even more epic.

So without further due, let’s get into it.
Note: I will try to translate as much as I can but I am not at a level where I can get everything right. Feel free to help me with what’s left!

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「ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険」特報映像
The title: [Dragon Quest - Dai’s Grand Adventure] Teaser

00:00 特報
News Flash / Special Announcement

00:03 累計発行部数4700万部
Up to 47 million publications (I would expect them to talk about how many games they sold, but all the Kanji is talking about publications/newspaper stuff, did I miss something?)

00:13 週刊少年ジャンプ史に刻まれた 勇気と冒険の物語
Created history in the weekly publication of “Shonen Jump”
A story of courage and adventure

0:23 30年の時を超え
Crossing over 30 years of existence

0:33 今、目覚める
Now, wake up(I don’t get why it’s in the dictionary form, I would have expected something like 目覚めろ!)

0:39 原作:三条陸 漫画: 稲田浩司 監修:堀井雄二
Original Work: Sanjo Riku, Manga: Inada Koji, Editor/Supervisor: Horii Yuji
(I give up with/ignore Japanese names because they never make any sense in terms of reading, I just find the Kanji with then paste that on Google)

0:47 ダイの大冒険
Dai’s Grand Adventure

0:53 完全新作 アニメ化決定!
A completely new work
From manga to anime!

0:58 2020年 秋 制作:東映アニメーション ©三条陸、堀井雄二/集英社・ダイの大冒険委員会 ©SQUARE ENIX LTD. All Rights Reserved

Fall 2020
production: Toei Animation
© Sanjo Riku, Inada Koji/Shueisha Inc.
Dai’s Grand Adventure Committee
©SQUARE ENIX LTD. All Rights Reserved

1:04 ゲーム化プロジェクト同時始動!
A video game project is also under production!

PS: By any chance, does anyone know why Japanese channels always disable comments on their videos?


発行部数 meaning number of copies printed, essentially meaning, like you figured,
over 47 million copies sold

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That’s what I thought, thanks for the confirmation. I am still not used to thinking in Japanese, many times I translate something and it barely makes sense in English haha.

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I believe the people they name can be taken out without changing anything here - that is to say, I read this as one thing: ‘now, ダイの大冒険 awakens - a completely new work, made into anime.’

Might be wrong, of course. ^^ come to think of it, keeping to the order actually sounds better: ‘now it awakens - ダイの…’ Etc

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I never thought about it that way, it’s really hard to get what they want to say exactly lol.

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