Going to Japan. Thanks Wanikani!

After 2 years of wanikani I’m finally going to live in japan starting next week!
I just wanted to say thanks to Wanikani and to every single one of you guys from the community for giving me the means to be able to really immerse myself in japanese content and keep being motivated to learn this incredibly difficult/fun/interesting language.
As I kept going through the levels I went from watching anime with japanese subtitles to reading manga with furigana to reading manga without furigana to finally reading light novels which was my main goal all along.
Although I didn’t manage to get to level 60 I still learned enough to be able to keep learning by myself now that the Kanji barrier is gone.
Sometimes when I come across a kanji I don’t know I can even guess how it is pronounced, which has made me learn a lot of new kanji from all of the subconscious knowledge I already had from my extensive weeb mind library.
Thank you very much!

(As to how I managed to go to Japan while borders are still kinda closed, I managed to enroll into a japanese language school to get my student visa. hopefully in these next months I’ll be able to find a job in my field and switch my visa to a work one. The only caveat to some would be that they kinda require you to have a degree to go job hunting in Japan.)

I forgot to add this.
level 12 was when Genshin Impact got released and level 25 was when I decided on going to japan as a student and started the whole process, so my motivation skyrocketed. =D


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