The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Haven’t seen this in a while! still level 34 but wont be for long



Laughs maniacally


never had many lessons. only reviews, when i came back after a break. those short levels sure look frightening.


Well, it’s just the same amount of lessons as usual, you just have half the time to do them, which should naturally bring to total to twice the usual.

The problem is compounded by the fact that I’m not super familiar with the material at those levels. In fact, I bought a subscription specifically because I wanted to learn the level 50+ stuff. So my accuracy is also going down the drain, which means that I get even more apprentice items than could be expected. (In fact, for the first time since I joined, I have items in the critical condition part of the dashboard :eyes:)

tl;dr it’s probably fine to do the fast levels while using the reorder script to keep one’s apprentice count manageable; It’s fine to not go fast and get 0/0 at each level; going both fast and getting 0/0 is torture.
What am I doing it, then, you ask? Because my pride won’t let me stop.


Wow, I was already at level 50 for a while before they added the extra 10 levels, so I didn’t realize it was so intense



Almost out of peasant now. I thought I wasn’t going to make it this time (due to some heavy drinking and hangover), but… 5 IN A ROW. :tada: :tada:

I probably just do those “fast” levels at normal pace. That looks super duper scary.


Took me over 2 weeks to get the next 0/0. After I got level 8 I didn’t feel like doing any lessons. Like at all.

My apprentice count got down to 3 Items total before I finally started new lessons. :joy:

I did my reviews everyday at least.


Now that I’m at level 4 and in the full length of SRS (level 1-2 have shortened periods for apprentice), I thought I should join this! I’ve gotten 0/0 on level 1-3 too, just FYI. Tomorrow I will unlock level 5 unless I mess up enough kanji.


NO! LET @Naphthalene GET A TASTE OF HELL :japanese_ogre:

Oh, I misread… ignore me… runs away


i’m simultaneously looking forward and dreading those levels. not quite sure how i will go through them yet.

i’ll get a taste of horror at lvl 26. let’s see. my body is ready (but is my brain, too?)


I was tempted to leave some masters reviews for tomorrow, but i reach “half way point” tomorrow, so new lessons… So pushed through and got the zero now =)

20/20 streak! =D


Tbh, I think our brain can do much more than we think. I had trouble handling 20 vocab a day… but I did the fast levels with 40/day. I’m currently doing 30/day (outside of WK) and I’m handling. I think I could go for 40, but here’s the thing: the risk of that bouncing back and push me way down is way higher than the benefit of learning 10 more new words a day/achieving x goal 33% faster.

It’s not that people can’t do the fast levels. It’s that it requires a lot of attention and focus, not just time. And as we know, those resources are finite :slight_smile:

PS: I think you can esily get away with level 26 due to vocab being a strength of yours ^^


hoping for the best while expecting the worst. my next levelup is still a bit away, gotta get this current stuff out of the way, but weekend is around the corner… i might pre-study a little. i’d like to get to 30 around newyear’s. that’s realistic, but i’d like to keep it stress-free if possible.


Pre-studying kanji is a great great idea. I’d level up during the morning and pre-study kanji the night before. It worked wonders and I’d just breeze through lessons. The 4h review session was pretty easy as well. The only downside of it? Doing kanji reviews went from hard to boring as hell :rofl:


the thing is, WK doesn’t have a proper study mode. it introduces the stuff once, then quizzes you on it, then it’s over. i like how memrise makes you drill the stuff in, but i’m using quizlet for that. putting in all the kanji i don’t already know or that seem to be difficult, and after i “got it” on quizlet, i usually actually got it and can leave the rest to WK’s SRS.

that being said, i didn’t do that for lvl 25… seems easy enough, but if needed, i can put in the harder ones by hand. there’s 5 or 6 i’m a bit unsure when they come up, but they’re also only app2-3.


Righhttt! Repetition! WK is pure SRS, which we all know that it works wonders. But that sweet repetition during our first exposure man… It’s gooood. Because getting those same items right a bunch of times allows you to build up on it. I’d usually do that using scripts (because it’s possible), but yeah, a native thing is always the right way to go.

@neicul, remember when I told you about allowing to be quizzed on items more than once during the Quiz on Kitsun? You gotta make it happen :3


pimsleur, for example, has you go through the routine for the same thing 7 times, that’s one lesson. at the end, you’re pretty solid. it also has SRS (interesting concept for an audio course, but the instructions ask you to do the next level at roughly the same time next day).

i believe drill is needed to initially learn them. if you can get away with taking a glance at the stuff and clicking it off the screen, 5 items take 2 minutes and half of it is already forgotten at that point. i don’t understand why wk is so wishy-washy with their lessons. their mnemonics are nice, but they’re not magic. retention is king, and “repetition is the mother of success” is not old-fashioned bullshit.

it’s a bit of a pain to copy/paste the kanji from wkstats, then manually make the cards, but it’s worth it.


Ironically enough, they’re aware of this quantity vs quality thing :stuck_out_tongue:


they didn’t translate that to their lesson system. maybe out of fear of the autopilot mode they think is a thing. that has never been a problem for me though.
when i came back after 3 years and did my 1800er stack, i took a look at those 500 failed items, then looked again at the missed kanji. 60ish really were a problem, the rest were fine after i got reminded of them once, so i made a deck for them and drilled them.
when the 500 review follow-up came, i had no trouble anymore.

seriously, repetition is magic. it sure isn’t all there is to it, but it’s such an important part, it shouldn’t be left out.

now, i wish there was an automatic way to export a level to a spreadsheet or so, would save me an hour every level.