Textfugu/EtoEto questions and alternatives

I was an early adopter of all the tofugu learning resources, and have been waiting over 5 years to put my knowledge of kanji to use but afaik textfugu is dead now (I cant access it on my old account) and EtoEto is still in development and has switched to an audio format which i hate, there are so many other resources already doing that. My goal is primarily to read Japanese so it being text based was the biggest selling point for me.

Does anyone know of any other resources i can use that are complete to start using all this kanji knowledge to read with?


I can still log in to Textfugu, but I would assume its never going to get updated.
Same goes for EtoEto.

As for reading resources I have used Resources for Starting to Read Japanese Content

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What? Noooo. EtoEto is coming out SoonTM.


It will come out if you bribe Koichi to stop playing cookie clicker. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can only speak to my experience, but I used Genki I & II, which puts you at about an N4 level. Then I used An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese, but really started reading a lot of NHK Easy, which is usually pretty straightforward after the teens/twenties of WK. The subreddit for NHK Easy automatically hides the furigana, and there’s also a script if you prefer to view it on the NHK Easy site, which helps with kanji recognition. As I got to a higher level, I relied more on Imabi, which is not very pretty to look at but is by far the best grammar resource on the internet for higher-level grammar points.

At that point, I started playing through old RPGs I’d already beaten in English, and with a general sense of the story, translating the dialogue wasn’t too much trouble. I played FF7-FF9, but Doublevil swears by Atelier Ayesha, which has the benefit of having voiceover you can repeat as many times as you like as well as text. Some people prefer children’s books or graded readers as well. Eventually, I set up news alerts for native Japanese stories around my area of professional work and started reading gaming news in Japanese as well.

My personal opinion is that you really need a grammar text for the foundation that gets you to N4, but after that you should just start reading native material and looking up vocab/grammar as you go.


I was invited back in 2016 and the last update email was in 2017. :frowning:

It would be lovely to have it as a resource, but I’d rather the team focus on WK and maybe other products like it.

what??? etoeto will be audiobased?

not happy to hear that

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EtoEto will never come out, remember? Koichi can’t stop playing cookie clicker.


The “kuma” section is a mix. It has audio and the transcript which highlights what is being said as it the audio plays.

What is meant by cookie clicker?


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Don’t link it! The grandmas will know!


What have you done to me? I’m hooked :open_mouth:

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One of the earliest, but still the greatest, of the idle clicker game genre.


I don’t get it. Is that a game?

I’m a game developer and I’ve been in the industry for over 40 years and that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen! I could make that in about a week. What am I missing?

Can I just make it for him and let him get back to something that people care about?

It’s a game about discovery. Also try https://www.decisionproblem.com/paperclips/

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Funnily enough, the earliest version was made in a single evening.

Probably the “idle” part of “idle clicker”. It’s not a game you complete in one sitting.

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I’ve seen that extension, but it seems kind of pointless considering you can hide the furigana on the NHK website itself.

Anyways, another textbook resource for post-Genki is Tobira. However, my current Japanese class is forgoing textbooks and pretty much mostly doing news reading (with NHK Easy and the Asahi paper for students), discussion, and projects.

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