Can We Talk About EtoEto?

I’ve been so curious about Etoeto, I’ve been following their twitter and the last tofugu post about it. The sad part is, the last long post about it was in January and information is pretty scarce (at least from what I’ve seen?) so, does anyone have anymore information about it? Like, what exactly will the new form teach? I know it’s supposed to be the spiritual successor to textfugu, but what does that entail? Will it be a supplement to wanikani or it’s own separate thing? I’m dying for information! ありがとう!


There’s a good bit of content in the advanced portion called Kuma, and it looks like that’s still being updated a little each month. The beginner part has some very basic content, but last I heard they decided to completely redo it (which in my opinion was the right call), and it hasn’t received any update in a long time. There was never any content for the intermediate portion. I wouldn’t expect it to be out of beta for a long time, but maybe they’ll surprise us.


I really want to try it too! I don’t remember where I read it, but I heard that it’ll rely less on your motivating yourself to do things. Basically you just have to do what it says (kind of like WaniKani) and you’ll learn Japanese, instead of Textfugu, where you learn the stuff but have to do your own study outside of it.


I’m new here so I don’t really know, but when I read about the concept of EtoEto, I was amazed.

Not sure if it makes a difference, but I do support the investment in the EtoEto project. Maybe release the beginner levels first so that newbies can invest in it (with money), allowing you to keep the machine going. Unfinished products don’t mean bad products.

EtoEto has been “coming soon” for years. I don’t expect it to be done for another few years, yet.


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