Shows/movies with Japanese subtitles

Hi everyone (This is my first post, please forgive me for any errors)

I am looking for something to watch/shadow which isn’t anime. However, I can’t seem to find much on Netflix other than that (I live in Canada, btw, so available shows differ from American Netflix)

I’ve watched some movies, but find they’re hard to follow if I don’t enjoy them, or they’re using out dated Japanese (such as movies about samurai or such) Also, before it is mentioned, I have watched Terrace House and enjoy it, but I find reality shows a bit tedious to watch and rewatch.

My library does have a small selection of Japanese movies, but most of them are the “classics” by which I mean black and white and outdated speech. I can request something to be purchased by my local library, but am not very knowledgeable in Japanese movies/shows.

So if anyone has any ideas/suggestions on movies to watch with Japanese subtitles, either on Netflix or ones I can request my library to get, I would appreciate it a bunch. Thanks!!

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Terrace House

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Interestingly enough, the DVD of the classic film “The Great Race” with Tony Curtis, Natalie West, and Jack Lemmon has an option with Japanese subtitles.

I subscribed to TV Japan and they have most programs with Japanese subtitles.

I started a list here. Pretty much on it is available on Netflix/Prime world wide and you can choose the language of subtitles.


Thank you! I’ll make sure to check it out

I haven’t heard about TV Japan before. I’ll check it out, thanks!

Have you switched your Netflix profile to Japanese? There are plenty of things available, among all them all the Netflix Originals (I‘m watching all the Marvel series in Japanese for example).

When you switch your language to Japanese you will also be able to search for stuff that has a Japanese audio.

And check out two browser extensions: Subadub and „Language learning with netflix“. When you have yomichan installed in your browser, Netflix can turn into a really nice study tool this way.

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TV Japan is on my satellite. It’s $25 USD a month, and well worth it.

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