Terrace House anki decks + other new resources

Hey y’all :wave:

My tutor recently (today!) launched a Patreon page to fund & distribute some new resources he’s been working on. Currently they are:

  • anki decks using conversations from Terrace House + shadowing loops
  • anki decks with practice sentences for GENKI + shadowing loops
  • videos covering different examples and topics in タメ口 (casual japanese)

He works with a professional voice actress to record audio for all of the flashcards / shadowing loops and is planning to release updates every month of 300 to 500 flashcards in total. I’ve been testing the decks out for him and they’ve been really great!

He’s also hoping to take his years of teaching notes and lessons and turn them into a タメ口 book eventually. He just currently doesn’t have the time since he is doing 1:1 tutoring full time.

Anyways, I definitely recommend his materials if you want to speak casual Japanese. Also, he is an excellent tutor. So, if you’re looking for some 1:1 practice, I would highly recommend him (you can find him on italki). I believe he is starting to take on new students soon.

Here’s the link to his Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kensensei


Sounds like some fun ideas your tutor has. I wonder if he will translate the TH OND panel discussion on the “soba making stick” with Seina and Shohei…ha!


He added previews of the two decks for anyone that wants to try them out and get an idea of what he’s doing:

Because this thread isn’t getting a lot attention, I just wanted to throw out that I do find this idea intriguing. But I’ve burned myself out years ago with sentence decks (in hindsight I was too harsh on myself) and also can’t devote another $10 a month on top of all my other monthly Japanese-specific bills (wanikani, another srs program, a vpn, etc).
So, sorry. But I wanted to let you know I do think the project has some value.

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