Japanese Subtitles for Anime

I finally managed to access Japanese Netflix (with VPNGate) hoping to have access to all the anime I want to watch, but much to my dismay, they lack some series, such as 魔女の旅々, 青春ブタ野郎はバニーガールの夢を見ない and デートアライブ. I saw that Amazon Prime Video has them with the Dアニメストア channel, but without subtitles, which isn’t ideal for me. Are there really no other streaming services that have consistent subtitles for anime other than Netflix?
Are my only other options to either watch it somewhere else without subtitles or to try to learn how to download subtitles from a third party website?


Besides Netflix with subtitles, I also use Hulu.jp where some anime and dramas have closed caption (cc). This gives the Japanese text and can be good for language acquisition but poor for entertainment if you are always pausing to read what was said.


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Netflix is really the only service that has them pretty much across the board unless its overseas content. Unfortunately that is kind of the state of things. There are sites with subs designed for very specific uploads or versions of shows which in my experience has been a miss every time I tried getting them to sync up properly.


Try Australia Netflix. I live in Japan but go to Australian Netflix to access some anime tbh.


The latter isn’t really an option, because most of the subtitles for recent series on these third party sites are just rips of the subs from Netflix. So it’s useful for people who don’t have access to Netflix Japan, but if you want subs for shows Netflix doesn’t have it’s not very useful.

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Are there subtitles for most anime though, especially those that aren’t available on Netflix?

Do they have Japanese subs as well? I can’t really check it because I don’t have an Australian VPN, but if they have anime that aren’t on Netflix JP with Japanese subtitles that sounds pretty nice.

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Oh yes. They have a lot of different subs. I thought with VPN you just changed the country though and not necessarily have a different one for different countries?

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I use the meow website + kitsunekko + anacreon script, no better combo so far

I started watching odd taxi and shirokuma cafe

odd taxi they speak really really, I mean really fast! I struggle to keep reading in sync with what I am hearing.

On the other hand, shirokuma is smooth, very easy to understand.

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Yeah it was bad phrasing, sorry. I meant to say that Australia isn’t available as an option in what I’m using. In any case, do you have any examples for series that aren’t available in Japan but are available in Australia? I’m just curious.

I’m at work at the moment so I will check it later and list some for you.

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Similar to @evandcs, I use Crunchyroll + Substital browser plugin + subtitle files downloaded from kitsunekko

Minor issues with this setup and how to resolve:

  • sometimes get issues where after loading subtitle file the video plays reeeeeaaaally slooooowwwly → deleting / resetting browser cache and reloading the page resolves this
  • Substital only supports the .SRT file format and kitsunekko sometimes has files uploaded in other formats → I used the program “Subtitle Workshop” to convert the file (“Aegisub” also works)
  • subtitle files sometimes will not be timed correctly to the Crunchyroll version (I notice this especially after the open credits, or around where commercial breaks would have been in the TV version) → again, I use “Subtitle Workshop” to edit the timing delay of the file to match

You will often have to do a bit more work to add the subtitles and make them match up, but after you do it once you can save and keep using those same files if you re-watch the show.


Also, I forgot to mention I use that script (alass script) that automatically sync the subs, IT-IS-INCREDIBLE.

manually takes time and a lot of efforts to do it. Odd taxi for example, all 13 episodes took me less than 20s to sync everything. :astonished:

just use this one, you select the subtitle in english in the episode and it syncs the external srt or ass file to it.


Does it really work that well though? The Japanese subtitles are typically CC, so they’ll include things not in English subs like “leaves rustling” and “character sobbing”. How would it know where to place those since there’s no English sub equivalent?

subtitles actually (I didnt know this before) when people create them, they separate in “signs”, “OP”, “ED” and “dialogue”,

with this script I only choose dialogue and it syncs the subtitle, but the hearing impairment also appears.

You could give it a try and see how it works. For me it is perfect. What I actually miss is people uploading subtitles for recent anime like Nier and Ars no kyoujuu I haven’t watched them because there are no subs in kitsunekko.

Not sure if what im about to type is on Japanese Netflix because going back and forth is a hassle so you can check but here goes:
Detective Conan
Kurokos Basketball
Backstreet Girls
Kimi Ni Todoke
Cowboy Beebop
Death Note
To ra do ra
Little Witch Academia
Edens Zero
Black Lagoon
Kengan Ashura
If theres something specific you want me to check, I can.

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From my experience, getting subtitles is difficult. Kitsunekko doesn’t have subtitles for everything. A lot of streaming services (even native Japanese ones like ABEMA) just don’t provide subtitles.

I found the most reliable way to get Japanese subtitles is to import the Japanese version of the DVD (though it will lack an English translation, but that won’t be a problem if you pair it with a service like Crunchyroll).

A streaming service that actually provides quite a few Japanese subtitles is Disney+. If you pair it with the Dualsub browser app, then you can watch shows/movies with the English AND Japanese subs displayed at the same time. (I know you’re probably wanting to watch “normal” otaku-ey anime, but technically any animation = anime and western anime = 海外アニメ so… :sweat_smile:)

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All of these are also available on Israeli Netflix, so I guess they’re just available at most places or something like that. The specific ones I want to see are what I put in the post itself, but I feel like they won’t be available, idk though

Searched and no they’re not on Australia Netflix either sorry.

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