Tempermonkey down?

anyone else having trouble with userscripts? I can’t load anything (restarted a couple of times) since the tempermonkey update.

As far as I can tell all my user scripts are still loading properly with no issues. I’m using Google Chrome.

My scripts are loading fine. I am using Tampermoney on Chrome on Windows.

It doesn’t run for me on Firefox at the moment (on Mac), but it works on Chrome :woman_shrugging:

i’m on firefox as well, update broke it then.

thx everyone.

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I had some problems at the beginning too. Usually when it happens I have to restart Tampermonkey (through the Tampermonkey settings page). This time besides restarting Tampermonkey I also had to restart Firefox. It started to work then.

How many times now has Firefox updates broken tampermonkey? What is Firefox’s problem with tampermonkey?

unfortunetly not working for me. even restarted my pc.

not 100% sure whether it was a firefox or tempermonkey update. i think it was a tempermonkey update and not firefox.

It started for me with a Firefox update (to 85.0.2), then it fixed itself, then it broke again :woman_shrugging: I think I will use Chrome for the time being…

As a Firefox user who also had this break during the update, I personally have exported all my userscripts to Violentmonkey and haven’t had any issues since then.


thank you soo much for providing an easy alternative :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Is Tempermonkey that angry monkey from Family Guy? :slight_smile:

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Personally, I have made it work by pressing disable before closing Firefox and then shutting down, waiting a few minutes, turning back on, opening Firefox, then pressing enable. My scripts run fine after this, though if you close Firefox and then open it again in the same Windows session, then there are issues with scripts.

Hope this trick works for those having issues.


I had this issue again, tried resetting Tampermonkey and Firefox multiple times with no effect. But finally I got it to work.

I’m not sure if this really is what helped, but Firefox restores all tabs just after it starts and I made sure the active tab wasn’t Wanikani. I switched the tab to Wanikani later, after the browser fully loaded. I’ll test this theory in the future, but maybe there’s some issues with early loaded tabs and Tampermonkey.

Happened again and seems like my theory holds true - Tampermonkey will work correctly as long as Wanikani is not opened in a tab that’s active just after Firefox starts.