All of my scripts stopped working this morning

I upgraded to the newest version of Firefox just now and all my scripts stopped working. Cleared cache, restarted Firefox. Nada. Using Tampermonkey. Any ideas?


Mine are somewhat broken, which is fairly annoying. I know that Chrome will have the same issues with the new updates that will come into effect by the end of the year. Probably the same issues, I hoped that Firefox would skip those issues, but nope.

So yeah, we’re in the same boat. (I’m using Firefox).

But it does make sense though, since Chrome is so much larger than Firefox and due to compatibility Firefox would need to follow suit.

The only solution would probably be to roll back and get an older edition. Don’t know how that would work out though, will probably break something else.


They work in Safari. This is very annoying. I hope someone has a fix. I hate Safari and Chrome.

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For now, doubt it would work much longer in Safari though, due to compatibility issues, might be wrong though.

Typically (I’d guess) that the larger browser sets the standard and the rest follow unless they want to die out entirely. Haven’t read up on what exactly the updates contain though.

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I installed an earlier version and everything is fine now. Tampermonkey works in Safari now, so I hope things stay stable for a while. I am at Level 58…so not much longer.

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Assuming Firefox ESR works with Wanikani, that could be a temporary fix, maybe. It’s a long term support version of Firefox that updates once a year that can be installed alongside regular Firefox.

Probably not related, but TamperMonkey has been warning for at least a few months that support for @include in userscripts is going to change or be dropped soon. I think the warnings said it was going into happen in January, which is why I think that isn’t the current issue.

I’ve been migrating my scripts over to use @match. It’s less flexible and requires a lot more @match lines in many cases, but it’s less prone to security mistakes. And it’s the recommended way, going forward.

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A late reply, but I switched to ViolentMonkey and all my scripts worked…until this morning. Glad i am almost done with WK. I hate their random updates that bork my workflow.

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