Tampermonkey/Userscript issues

My extension as a whole seems to be not working so I can’t access any of the userscripts I’ve been using recently. It worked just fine on Friday when I last did WK reviews (RIP my reviews number right now after taking a two day break) but now I can’t get anything to work, and the forums there don’t exist anymore???

Any help? Please and thanks!

Yeah, I got the same problem. Did Tampermonkey get axed or something? :confused:

I have tampermonkey and several WK scripts, and they’re all working normally. Just refreshed, and they reloaded and updated fine. (Firefox, Mac)

/data point

Update: restarted Chrome and still had errors. Restarted my whole computer (even tho I really didn’t want to because the process takes forever) and things seem to be working normally again. Crisis averted. @Keranis I would try doing the same maybe since you had the same problem I did!

Bonus tho because WK forums finally updated my level to 11 lmao

You should always add if you are using Chrome, Firefox, etc. for problem reports, Firefox has a history of breaking the userscript managers.

Good that it worked out on its own :slight_smile:

Yep, problem gone for now. I just wonder how long it is going to stay that way, scripts in general have been misbehaving lately :woman_shrugging:

(Also, Firefox. Maybe the problem is there…? :thinking:)

I had to eliminate and reinstall one of the scripts for it was suddenly messing with the others and when doing reviews i couldn’t see if I was wrong or right, whenever i hitted the enter button it went straight to the next kanji.

So maybe doing that? idk