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Middle school students Nishikata and Takagi sit next to each other in class. Takagi, who is in love with Nishikata, enjoys teasing him with embarrassing pranks and jokes. In response, Nishikata creates plans to get his revenge, but they always fail when she identifies his weaknesses and capitalizes on them.


Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 1 October 22nd Chapter 1 (72) - 間接キス 3 - 18 16
Week 2 October 29th Chapter 2 (73) - くしゃみ 19 - 34 16
Week 3 November 5th Chapter 3 (74) - かくれんぼ 35 - 50 16
Week 4 November 12th Chapter 4 (75) - 年末① 51 - 66 16
Week 5 November 19th Chapter 5 (76) - 年末② 67 - 82 16
Week 6 November 26th Chapter 6 (77) - メール 83 - 100 16
Week 7 December 3rd Chapter 7 (78) - 歩数 101 - 116 16
Week 8 December 10th Chapter 8 (79) - 外見 117 - 132 16
Week 9 December 17th Chapter 9 (80) - ドッジボール 133 - 148 16
Week 9 December 17th Bonus - おまけ 150 - 152 3

As before, given how short the bonus chapter is, we will be reading Chapter 9 and the Bonus Chapter in the same week.

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A good chunk of this volume is going to be no surprise to those who have watched the anime, but it should still be quite cute! :grin: Let’s start off Volume 9 with a 間接キス :flushed: (or well, let Takagi-san and Nishikata handle that for us; Covid and all. :joy:)

Are you planning on reading with us this week?
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I expect to have déjà vu moments reading the Yukari series or the Moto series, but…



But now we get it with the improved art style, at least? :joy:


I’ll admit I thought it’d be fine if it was the exact same chapter, just redrawn.


I felt like joining the fun for Volume 9 ! Nishikata never learns ! He should have seen it coming ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a few question, Please enlight me with your wisdom :pray:
Also I added some words to the vocabulary list while reading through the chapter.

page 3

So I’ve read that しょうがないな means it can’t be helped
and またっく conveys a feeling of exasperation
So Nishikata is saying something like “I swear, you’re helpless” ?

page 7

I don’t understand, this ウン, It appears in three different sentences throughout the chapter and I have no idea what it means :sweat_smile:

オレにはウンつかないとか言っておいて : “You told me …” and I can’t figure the rest

西方さんが今ウンついてたら私の勝ちね : “If Nishikata …, I win”

page 11


I’ve never seen this form 引かん. Does someone has an explanation ?

Nishikata has come up with this solution. Not sure if it helps though


ウソ :smiley:


:person_facepalming: Katakanas … Thank you !


Thank you for adding vocab! @shuly is currently busy, and I’ve gotten so used to him beating me to the punch that I forgot to do it this week. :joy:

Pg. 3

That’s the basic meaning, yep! He’s definitely being a bit sarcastic/using it as ammo to tease Takagi-san though, as opposed to actually being exasperated.

Pg. 11

A casual form of 引かない. ない sometimes gets shortened to ん in casual speech. A common one you’ll likely come across is いかん/行かん.

Page 3

Yes he definetely tries to appear thougher than he is !

Page 11

I see, so he is saying "I won’t pull’ ? Has 引く a different meaning ?

Pg. 11

Yeah, 引く has quite a few definitions. I think the most pertinent would be either, I won’t draw back," or “I won’t quit.”


I’m not sure how to read this expression, is this relief that he didn’t actually go with the indirect kiss or is it a まったく。。。 moment?

Story comments

I think it’s more the latter. She’s exasperated at the lengths that he’ll go to avoid the indirect kiss. She had a similar expression earlier, when Nishikata said he was happy to see her, and she got excited, and then he continued that it was because he wanted to have another competition. That’s why I interpreted it as exasperation.


I would say the latter as well.

In volume 1, there was a similar situation and she went straight for the indirect kiss. I don’t think she minds such things, or is it because she has feelings for Nishikata ? The author doesn’t show her interacting with other boys much, so it’s hard to tell.

Existential question, Is Indirect Kissing really a thing in Japan ? I’ve come across it so many times I’ve stopped questioning it, but do people legitly get embarrassed ? :thinking:


Well, I think sharing saliva with people is not something you do all the time.


I guess you’re right even though according to some research…

Healthier mouth – saliva contains substances that fight bacteria […] exposure to germs that inhabit your partner’s mouth strengthens your immune system.

Just kidding, but I find that we have different reason for not doing it. More because we find it dirty than because we are embarassed of indirect kissing. Heck, I didn’t even now what it was before Anime !


That’s kind of the point, imo.

If you find it dirty, it’s because it’s a random person’s saliva, unless you don’t share anything food related with anyone.

I, for example, wouldn’t do it with a stranger, but I don’t have a problem with drinking from the same bottle as a friend, male or female.

It implies a closer relationship in which at least you know or trust them to be clean or not be sick without telling you.

Of course, there’s a bit of a leap from that to indirect kiss, but at that age I do think it’s common to be aware and kind of embarrased of being so close to someone of the gender you’re attracted to.

But yes, it’s a thing besides anime.

But anything regarding boys and girls can be used for teasing by classmates and stuff. Like borrowing a pencil from someone, imagine drinking from the same can.


I see your point, Junior High is a though period for boys/girls interaction haha. I don’t remember sharing many cans with girls at this age so I can’t say what my reaction would have been, but then again, we do not have that many 自販機 on the way home from school :upside_down_face:


You didn’t have any drinks in school? :sweat_smile:


Well, during lunch we had water in glasses and during break, we drank directly from the tap. No bottles involved to perfom an indirect kiss haha