Tasu/suke/te issues

This Kanji won’t accept the reading that is taught in the lesson and which is stated as the nanori reading. Instead it gives a “Looking for the nanori reading” response every time

Your screenshot shows it accepting the answer…?

Look at the answer versus the one it says it wants

It’s asking for and accepting the nanori reading. I guess you’re just pointing out that the info on the page lists the kunyomi as the nanori. But the actual item page, not in the review flow, has it correct.

look man, I just want to do my reviews and be able to rely on the thing it tells me when I get the answer wrong…
Thought Koichi would want to know…
I didn’t come here to fight.

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I’m not fighting, I was just trying to clarify what the problem was, because it wasn’t clear to me.

And for anyone else who wasn’t sure, the nanori reading is すけ, but when you open the item info within a review it tells you たす is the nanori, even though that’s the kunyomi.

In any case, did you email them at hello@wanikani.com? That’s the general way to report errors.

not yet, I hadn’t had to do this before so It wasn’t at the top of mind

Seeing this now. Will take a look.

I wasn’t able to replicate this on my end. I notice you are running a few scripts. Can you try turning them off, refresh the page, and see if the nanori answer is accepted displayed correctly in the tab?

The problem isn’t with the acceptance of the nanori (すけ). The problem is that the item info on the review screen tells people that たす is the nanori, even though it’s the kunyomi. Then they try entering that and it shakes and asks for the nanori. Which they haven’t entered yet because they were told the wrong thing.

Right, I understand that. My mistake. I meant I wasn’t able to replicate the misinformation displayed in the tab.

Okay, I see.

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That’s so bizarre, this hasn’t happened on any other item that I’ve had, and the scripts that I’ve used have been pretty much constant.
Unfortunately, because of my backlog If I disable my scripts I’ll never find the item again…

This is what I am seeing on my end.

It could very well be a bug on our end; its just I can’t replicate it. And the data which feeds the info tab, and the code which renders the info tab looks correct. Just want to make sure it isn’t some script before I dig deeper.

Since the item is relatively new for you, you should be seeing it again soon. When it shows up again, can you check the info tab to see if you are able to replicate the problem?


I think it hasn’t happened before since this is the first nanori kanji you are encountering. We only have three kanji which have nanori as the primary reading; they are introduced at levels 52, 58, and 59.

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If I can I will… Like I said, I use scripts to manage my backlog so it might be hard to find without the reorder script…

I understand. If you just happen to stumble upon it again. Thank you for the understanding and patience.


Can I trouble you with another request @Zenatyra ? I see you have six scripts active. Can you list them? I’ll take a quick look at their code and see if I can find something.

Thank you.
If this isn’t a problem other people are experiencing it doesn’t bother me as much

I think these are the ones that were running at the time

I think I found the culprit. It is the WaniKani Quick Info KT script. Looking at the code, it does some overrides with the item info tab. The code of interest is how it chooses to display the primary reading type for kanji.

Some technical details, so feel free to skip to the end.

Line 133: emphReading = cur.emph === "onyomi" ? cur.on : cur.kun;

It checks if the primary reading type is onyomi. If it isn’t onyomi, it defaults to kunyomi.

This explains the error you are seeing as it doesn’t consider the case where the primary reading could be nanori. Since nanori is not onyomi, it uses the kunyomi for the display text.

I’m not sure if the author of the script is actively maintaining it, but I’ll point them to this thread.


I turned that script off and It looks like it worked


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