Kanji Reading Confusion

I have been studying hiragana before getting into kanji. Now that I remember all the hiragana I got into reading the kanji’s on wanikani. I am inputting the reading shown in the review, but it is showing up as incorrect. What is wrong here? Why am I shown two possible readings only to be flashed by the red box when my kanji appears identical to the correct answer?

Maybe it is not the hiragana ni, yu, u? I am typing ni yu u.

Edit: This reading shows one possible reading. Some show up as two readings and I am not sure if it matters which one I put.

Hei bawynne90 .

The thing is what you wrote is : にゆう which in romanized letters is translated to “niyuu”

But the Kanji is actually read as “nyuu”, which in japanese is にゅう

The difference between nyu and nuyu is what you didnt understand. See the small “yu”?

Ah I see now, thanks. I wish the review would give me a more useful word other than “new” I wish it would hint a “nyu” instead. I appreciate that the site uses english words to help remember, but in cases such as this it created confusion.

Exactly what he said… I also want to add that that you gotta be careful because it can happen the other way around too. For example they can be asking for “riyuu” (reason) and you might put “ryuu” instead. Also be careful with the “n” there are some words that require the N to be alone even when there is a vowel after it, and for that you gotta press the N key two times or it will link the N with the next vowel you put making for example a “Ni” instead of an “NI”. I apologize for my lack of hiragana keyboard, maybe another person can explain it better.

I get what you are saying, Pharawer. I just think as a beginner it can be simple to overlook the reading.

This was covered in WaniKani FAQ. In general, read FAQ, general info, and search for similar threads. People constantly make the 90th thread for a topic that’s been answered already.

I looked at the FAQ I didn’t see much there. Maybe I wanted clarity for a specific kanji so I don’t start thread number 91. Happy to see there is a helpful community here though. I understand how I was incorrect. Thank you.

I’m not trying to be patronizing, not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not. But anyway, it was in the FAQ I will repost it here, and your specific kanji was answered too.

Why is my reading answer for 入 (にゅう), 上 (じょう), 九 (きゅう), 力 (りょく), 十 (じゅう), or 女 (じょ) being marked incorrect? I’m putting in the right answer!

Most likely, you are putting in a big や, ゆ, or よ instead of a small one. See the difference?

じよう = jiyou
じょう = jyou

きゆう = kiyuu
きゅう = kyuu

りよく = riyoku
りょく = ryoku

じゆう = jiyuu
じゅう = jyuu

じよ = jiyo
じょ = jyo

The difference is big, and it’s important to get these correct. For example, じゆう means “freedom,” so if you wrote that instead of じゅう, you would be saying something completely different.

As far as remembering the ‘Nyuu’ sound, i just pretend i’m a japanese cat that goes NYAN NYAN all day long. (sorry 3 cats whining at me for lunch lol…). works for all the Ny variations and honestly for everything. Pretending my cats are speaking japanese makes a lot of these words stick in my brain. Pretty sure こういちさん proved that at some point to us…

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