Nanori on Wanikani?

So, I just had this pop up as I was doing reviews, and I’ve never seen that before. I check to see if anything came up, and it said they were “name readings of kanji,” but again, I’ve never noticed that on any other kanji on WK.

Are there others? I’m also surprised to notice something like this so late into my religious studies of the crabigator!


Wack. I’ve never seen it specifically ask for the nanori, but I have seen it mentioned where it says “verb, noun” etc.

I did notice that they added nanori readings on the kanji information pages, but I’m surprised to see them asking for the nanori! I guess that kanji is used most often in names rather than in actual vocabulary.

Yes, there are others. 叔 in level 59 for example has the nanori reading taught as primary.


輔 - すけ from level 52


Did that change recently? Could have sworn that one was kun’yomi first…

It doesn’t come up as a hit when searching the content update section.

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Must have been before I learned it if that’s the case :woman_shrugging:


I searched more after I posted above and I saw posts from 2017 and 2018 mentioning it as a kanji with the nanori reading taught. I think it’s likely always been that way.

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Are you sure you’re not thinking of 舗? That one is taught as ほ

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