Taking the JLPT

I realized something the other day.

If with WaniKani and, when I get there, Genki I’m “only” learning how to visually recognize Kanji and proper grammar, how do I take the JLPT if I’m only capable of speaking and understanding Japanese digitally?

Would you say that if I’m interested in taking the JLPT, I’ll eventually have to actually learn how to write? Because as far as I can tell, since you have to go to a specific location to take the test, you have to do it in a traditional format.

I’m sorry if this seems obvious, but it really only hit me now, a month or so after starting using Tofugu’s materials to learn Japanese

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It’s multiple choice. :slight_smile: (So no writing) ((except your name and some numbers))

Although you have to be quick and confident to fill in those circles. :eyes:


Yeah, there are only multiple choice questions on the JLPT.

There are Japanese proficiency tests besides the JLPT you can take that require you to put pencil to paper though, if you are interested.


You can have a look at the sample tests here to get a better understanding of the test format: http://www.jlpt.jp/e/samples/sample12.html

Learning to write the kanji might still be helpful for the questions where you have to pick the correct kanji out of a list of similar ones. (But I don’t do it either; only so many hours in a day).


Oh, I hadn’t realized that!

I did give some practice tests a look-see and saw the multiple choice just didn’t realize it was multiple choice all the way.

Thanks for clearing that doubt for me, y’all!


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