JLTP N5 kanji

Ok so I have my JLTP N5 in 6 weeks time…
Can someone tell me if I need to be able to write the kanji down or is the ability to read them enough?
Many thanks.

You just need to read. Every question on every level of the JLPT is multiple choice. You can do sample questions on their site.

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Definitely check out practice exams first. Gives a good idea of what to expect, especially since instructions and everything are in Japanese as well. Don’t want to have to spend time figuring on what you’re doing, when you should be answering the questions (its pretty clear what to do though, but still)
If memory serves, the only real kanji parts were ‘what is the kana for this kanji’ and ‘what is the kanji for this kana’

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Great thanks. That’s a relief!
I shall check out the practise exams too cheers.

My JLPT N5 is in a few weeks too, I also recommend a study guide for the test (I believe the one I ordered is specifically for the JLPT), you can get them on Amazon for about $5. Good luck on your test as well!

The JLPT N5 test on the official JLPT web site is much easier than the real exam. If you can’t manage that one, you will struggle in the real exam. Go to Kinokuniya and buy a book with practice

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Mildly unrelated question, is there a strong reason to take n5? It doesn’t seem to me like there’s a strong reason to spend $60 on it.

Self evaluation, small bit of pride, etc.
Is there a strong reason to take any level, unless it’s a job requirement or something?


install the NHK easy news app on your phone/tablet. It offers complete (~2 hour) JLPT example exams (reading, kanji, grammar, even listening) - it’s a great self-evaluation tool.


For iOS or Android? I searched on my iPhone and couldn’t find it.

Mildly unrelated question, is there a strong reason to take n5?

I would say it is similar to people wanting to run a marathon which will also cost you a fee to join. There’s no “real” reason (what is a real reason anyway) to do it but it is a nice tool to measure progress, set a goal and get motivated to train/study in a more structured way. Or just for fun.

Based on what I’ve read so far my opinion is: if taking such a test isn’t something that motivates you then anything below N2 is most likely a waste of time (except for maybe taking the N3 just so that you get used to the test procedure and know what to expect when taking the N2 or N1). And if you are never planning on working in Japan then all of them are. But if it motivates you and you can afford it then why not go for it.


Yeah, I suppose that’s fair. I don’t have money to spend but if I did I’d probably take it too.

I think it’s officially called “NHS Easy Japanese News” on android, but maybe it’s only called “Easy Japanese News” for the iphone. Don’t have the latter, so idk for sure.

Whoa very cool resource. Thanks!

On android it’s called NHK Easy Japanese News

thx, I’m gonna check it out!

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