JLPT Test Writing the kanji

I just wanted to ask if it’s required to be able to write kanji by hand to pass the JLPT Test ?

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The test only consists of reading and listening so no handwriting skills are needed. I wish you good luck!!! I’ll be taking my first JLPT in December so we might be doing it at the same time :smile:


Every question on the JLPT at every level is multiple choice.


Not at all! That’s a load off your mind, huh?

Here are some sample questions from the JLPT site if you want to see for yourself:

@jakedev321 I’m taking my first in December too :open_mouth: Which one?


I’m also taking it in December :heart_eyes:

I’ll probably do the N4 ^^ What about you guys? @Maddieplier @jakedev321

N5. I could probably go for N4, but registration is $60, so I’d rather not take any chances.

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Yeah, I understand. I was actually surprised by how “cheap” JLPT is compared to when I went to do the Cambridge English proficiency exam a few years ago. It cost me about 200€ :sob:

Well, you still have some time to think about it, right? :thinking: In Portugal, the registrations will only open in the beginning of September.

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Yeah, registration dates in America start late August. (Close enough to September, yeah?)
I suppose I could take a look at the N4 sample questions and see if I have a chance. :sweat_smile:

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Well, you might not have a chance now but you could totally do it in December. We still have 4 months left :thinking:

It also depends on how your study is in general and how much time and energy you have available. My worst part is definitely Kanji but thanks to WK, I’ve been fixing it. www.idigtech.com also tells me that I’ll know 95% of N4 Kanji 2 months before the exam.

I have to say though, WK is a life-saver when it comes to kanji. I wonder if that same magic is applied to EtoEto…

EtoEto is okay right now, not sure how far towards N4 it’d be able to get you

Not sure where you are in terms of grammar, but check Japanese Ammo with Misa YT channel out. She posts about 1 video/week about grammar but she already has like 100+ videos. It could probably help you ^^

From what I’ve heard, both Genki I and II and Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide cover until N4 so I’m doing those for now :thinking:

You’re right, Genki1&2 do

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Hi, any way to use etoeto?


Invite only atm. I got mine because I bought lifetime on TextFugu

I began with TextFogu a few weeks ago. Let’s see if I have some luck and get some invitation. Finger crossed.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve heard of her, I might as well try watching more grammar videos :sweat_smile:
I’m using Genki I and TK as well. But only up to N4…? What should be used for N3-N1?

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Tweet at Koichi or something, he’ll probably send you an invite


I don’t know yet :thinking: Search on the forum or ask our dear @Leebo さま

I’ve noticed that changing between pure text and video helps me understand things better :slight_smile: Plus, her videos also force me to speak out loud while applying the grammar rules that she’s teaching. That’s cool too ^^

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I’ve seen Tobira recommended a lot of places after Genki 2. Should get you up to N3-N2 level