Where can I take the JLPT5 test?

I’ve heard about this (and the other ones) a lot, and don’t really know anything about them. However, I would like to take them at some point. At the moment, I don’t think I’m ready to take it, but I’d like to know where I can so that I know for the future.

On the jlpt website there is a list of all test sites. There are tests on all continents except Antarctica, and they take place twice a year, in July and December. At the moment participation is very limited, though.


checking wkstats it would suggest that only after level 16 someone would get all N5 vocabs and kanji, right?

I would take this test only after finishing that level

You would need way more than just finishing that level. The test also includes listening and grammar sections, so you need to prepare for those too.


Yes, indeed.

I have genki I third edition but I am still looking for a methodology to learn grammar and sentences just like we do in WK, with lessons and reviews.

Bunpro for grammar maybe?


I thought brunpro and kitsun were all similar to WK, vocab and kanji only.

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eh it really depends how much effort you want to put into it. im not loyal to any sites but i’d suggest just searching websites and apps that test your knowledge but at the same time, teach you something. also having a notebook on you is really beneficial, write a lot of stuff in there and you can later reference it if you think you’re forgetting it.

Bunpro solely focuses on grammar. You can even set what path you want to take, JLPT levels, Genki etc.

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I also like jalup for learning grammar. It is an app which explains grammar with cards one sentence at a time. With the first deck / level you are well prepared for JLPT 5.

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