Synonyms make me so mad!

I feel like when you add a synonym to a word it should change it to correct rather than wrong. The amount of times I have known the meaning of a word but have typed it in, worded a little differently, but meaning the same things and then have to review it a million more times makes me so mad haha. Not even a thing about cheating myself, as I know the word and the meaning, (when I am actually just wrong, I just accepted it, but when it is words that mean the same things, it is annoying because it levels down so much.) Does anyone else get super mad at this? I know it is good that you get to review the word again to know it even more, but when you already know the word quite well, just forget the exact wording, it is super frustrating.


How about using the override script? It lets you ignore an answer if it was wrong.
It can be found here along with other scripts: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps


that is how the synonym function is supposed to work, though. Is it not working for you? :thinking:
Ohh, you mean when you first put it in? Agree with you there!

But yeah, used responsibly the override or double check script can help alleviate the frustration. They both have similar functions.


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