Yo WaniKani, more synonyms couldn't hurt


I swear, half of the reviews I get wrong are because of technicalities:
adds synonym myself


Writes taxes
Gets it wrong
Overrides the wrong answer

How? :grin:


I’ve yet to use any userscripts, it always makes me nervous messing with stuff like that, even though I know I’m missing out.


When the plural is just +s, it accepts both singular and plural answers as correct without even a “close enough” shake. When the plural ending forms a large percentage of the word’s total length, though, I guess that doesn’t work.


You can send synonym suggestions to hello@wanikani.com.


How so? Fear of cheating yourself? :slight_smile: You can start with the more innocent scripts first that just generally add more info and don’t necessary allow you to cheat. For example, using a script that shows you the stroke order of kanji or a script that allows you to add synonyms during lessons :slight_smile:


Some scripts almost feel required at least to me.
In a way the base waniknai feels kinda lacking.
the doubecheck script has been pretty useful for me, but I think that is something wanikani should have in the first place


I’ll jump on the train and agree that userscripts have been core to my WK experience; without them, I probably would have quit sometime around level 10.


I think it’s smart not to use the override script in the beginning, but by level 36, you’re experienced enough to know how to use it wisely. I’d say getting “taxes” wrong and overriding that would be a perfect example of using it wisely.

And as @doncr mentioned, send them an email to request that and any others you find be added. The good staff at WaniKani HQ are quite responsive and update things regularly.