Summary Page quick thought

There IS a way to get 100% and see it.

Look: It says 0 Recent Mistakes - that means I did my last session with no mistakes :smiley: Same as the old 100%.
And I can revise my mistakes by clicking this if the number is not 0.

Mostly happy MotherOwl.


That’s not the previous session though, it’s an aggregate of several sessions


Hm, I only did one lesson with no errors for it to show no mistakes - must test some more :wink:

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You could also use the Recent Mistakes feature and not just see what you missed but practice what you missed.

That is the same suggestion that the staff made, but as was also pointed out at the time the two do not have the same utility: There is no overview when doing extra study and you cannot cherry-pick what items you want to focus on. Instead you are forced to go through the items in random order, including items that are probably not worth focusing on yet such as recently learned apprentice 1/2 items. The two are simply not equivalent.


You could also just not hit “next” when doing reviews after you miss something that you want to maybe study more thoroughly. No?

You can, but personally I’ve found it much it much more efficient to separate reviews and focused re-study of items, since I need to be in a somewhat different headspace for each. It is for the same reason that I prefer WK’s approach to strictly segregating lessons and reviews. The old summary screen also made it trivial to save that for later.


I see - it’s silly for us to be defensive about a web page that, in the opinion of many, clearly added significant utility to a tool that was both paid for, and requires immense time investment.

Yet, it’s not silly to explain how saving you perhaps one minute per year in the name of ‘optimization’ is a worthy trade-off. Got it.


I’m trying to match your guys’ hyperbole with my optimization comment. If you paid WK for the summary page then I’m not sure how you got here, but I know that’s not the case. The site functions the same with or without it.

I fully agree with you! If you bought a television set for the remote control then I’m not sure how you got here, but I know that’s not the case. The television functions the same with or without it.


On another note, something to think about is how many features have been added/removed for any device you use daily? Just because you paid for a service, especially one being actively developed on, doesn’t guarantee to have the same functionality years later. Ultimately you are paying for a service, not a product, and the producers of that service can do what they want.

You don’t own World of Warcraft, you own the license to use it. Same goes for WK.

One month after I paid lifetime for a service, they crippled that service.
The importance of the removal of the summary page can be seen in the fact that users made something that kind of replaced it via the API. However, then WK complains it is a too heavy burden on the database and they change the API, pissing off some more users.
Quite a service I payed for, indeed…


Probably not a good example of a company to follow hey. Almost like they’ve been in a perpetual nose dive since their initial release of any product.


I don’t follow your logic at all. If we simplify WK to nothing but teaching kanji and related vocab, then half the site wouldn’t exist, including this forum. These are all additional features included within the WK package.

If Mazda decided to remove the radio functionality from all it’s cars, would you still make the same arguement that since the car still drives, the product you bought is exactly the same as it ever was?


People come here and pay money because its a curated course for learning Kanji, not because it has a summary page of missed Kanji.

A Mazda is a physical product not a service.

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It’s still a feature of something you’ve paid for. What difference does it make whether it’s a physical product or a service? Goods rendered, are goods rendered.


Feel free to shoot an email with that to Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, or literally any other software development company. I’m sure there is a terms and service where they can site the ability to add and remove features as they please somewhere in that agreement.

Can’t tell if you’re being serious or just trolling.

Like I genuinely can’t tell.


I’m trying to refrain from lighting everyone here up for paying $200 for a summary page and just provide a different perspective but if this thread is just to cry about the loss of the most important feature on wanikani. The page that made this entire experience we call life worth living. The holy script by which we can see our own intellectual shortcomings. Then I’ll let you have the space to weep, mourn, and console each other in these trying times.

Yeah to be honest I’m kind of taken aback by the lack of self-awareness going on here. This website works like 1000x better than it did in 2016. (Which is impressive, because for 99% of websites, the opposite is generally true.) Ya’ll are taking a web page way too seriously… Just learn the Kanji then get your butt off your darn PC. xD