Suggestion for incorrect answers

I noticed sometimes when I get an answer wrong, Wanikani immediately shows the same card again. I don’t know if that’s intentional or not, but that seems to be detrimental to my learning because the card is being shown way too soon. There should be a minimum of 30 seconds or 5 cards in between wrong answers (if possible of course).


I’m pretty sure it’s just RNG. You’re gonna see repeats 1/x times, where x is the length of your review queue. If it’s 200, that’s 0.5% which is not all that infrequent to begin with, and your queue just gets smaller as you work on it.

That being said, a timer like this wouldn’t be a bad idea. I have a feeling that coding it would be possible, since you can exclude items from the queue with the 10-item wrapup toggle. If you get a lot of cards wrong, it might be a lot to store in memory, though :stuck_out_tongue:

I started noticing that it seems to happen every time I spend 2-3 minutes on a reading before answering. Either that or I’m just really unlucky with the RNG.

If the distance is 5 cards, then what happens if you only have 2 items in your review queue?

If the distance is 30 seconds, then in some cases you have to wait 30 seconds doing nothing before the item reappears.

There’s no ideal solution for this. KaniWani pushes the item to the far back of the queue. Then you do them in the same order that they originally appeared. Not the best solution, but probably the simplest.

He addressed that.

If it’s not possible in that review set, you just deal with it. Surely he knows the coding is possible.

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if queue has more than 5 cards, then you put those five cards first. if not, put it last in the queue.

im not saying you have you wait thirty seconds, it’s just if the card attempts to show before 30 seconds, put it back into the queue. if there are no cards left in queue, just show it then.

I’m pretty sure when you’re reviewing, no matter how many reviews you have to do in total, there are always 10 items “active” at a time. That’s why you tend to get reading and meaning not too far apart. When you get both parts of an item right, a new one falls into place until you either have none left or hit wrap up.

Not sure what happens if you get the first part of a review wrong, though. Is it now part of your active queue or does it only become so once you’ve answered one part correctly?


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