Feature Request - Don't immediately give me the one i just got wrong!

Request - If user gives an incorrect answer for a Review card, the next Review card cannot be the same card (unless there are no other Review cards left).

When doing reviews, one thing that seems to happen far too often is that i’ll get an answer wrong, i’ll review the Item Info, and then the next review immediately after would be the same review card.

There is no way i’m correctly memorising this if i get an opportunity to immediately answer it, but i can’t get it wrong either, since that will knock me down another mark (i think).

Even if it just gets delayed for only one card, it would be better than being the next card.


Once you’ve answered an item wrong, the item will move down 2 levels. So, answering it right after checking the answer doesn’t help you avoid the extra review sessions for the item. You’ve already failed it as far as WK is concerned.

I can add some more observations about WK.

Like you say, if you get an item wrong and check the item info, you’ll probably get the same item right away. If you don’t check the item info, you probably won’t.

If you’re just 1 letter wrong from a correct answer, WK assumes typo (I guess), so you’ll likely get the same item again, so that you can correct it immediately and remember the correct spelling.

What I wanna say is that I understand this as intentional of WK, and it’s to help you remember the correct answer, since you got it wrong in the first place.

As for scripts I don’t know much about that, but I just wanted to say that I think there is a reasoning behind WK working in this way.

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