After getting a card wrong, it will reapear 2 cards later

I’m having a problem where card i got wrong, would immediately reapear after 1,2,3,4 cards. there’s barely a time gap left and I don’t work my memory atall that way…

That’s intentional I believe - controlled by WK’s batch size (I believe default is 5)

Edit: The default on WK is in fact 10:

What does batch size mean?

seeing a card I’ve got wrong 5 secs after I’ve read the answer to it , is not useful.

The number of active cards at a time - higher number would make it come back longer on average to come back but also take longer to use the “wrap up” function because of so many partial reviews

In the larger context of the SRS system, getting an answer wrong puts that item down to a lower level, so in the big scheme of things, you will have another opportunity to recall the item after a longer delay - the thing that is useful for practicing recall.

You can think of the short-term reappearance of the item as more of a “let’s make sure you saw and comprehended the correct answer right now, before we bring it back in your next (now shorter) review interval for this item”.


Yes, I always thought of it as that, just making sure you’ve seen/know the correct answer. I usually don’t look the correct answer unless I really had no clue (many times I realize the correct answer as soon as I see the red, lol).

Speaking of more opportunities, I believe that’s why the extra study “recent mistakes” function was just added

Yet, there’s a big difference between showing the card 10 secs after I’ve got it wrong, or 5-10 minutes.

With 10 secs I don’t test to see If the mnomic is effective, and if I need to work it - because it’s too fresh to even need to think about it.

10 min gap is close enough, but far enough to get some practice.

find me 1 person who uses srs for their studies with any program ,who uses an interval shorter than a minute for a card got wrong.

People with back-to-back reviews on LOL

As I mentioned, the extra study “recent mistakes” will allow you to go back over them whenever you want after your review session :wink:


active cards are what you’ll call cards need to be reviewed? what’s the definition.

what are back-to-back reviews?

Same as reorder script’s 1x1 mode in this post:

I have 179 reviews at this very moment. With default settings, WK will pick 10 of them and shuffle between the reading and meaning reviews available for those cards. When I do one, it picks another one to take its place until I have done so many reviews that there isn’t another one left. These 5 are the active reviews.

When I get one wrong, it’s still active since only active reviews have right/wrong information stored, and will be pulled back for reviewing soon.

I think this is a great point as well. I never check for the correct answer right away - I always let myself take another crack at it, and only look if I’m really stuck.

In that context especially, I’d rather get my second shot sooner than later.

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Answering the wrong answer multiple times would lower your SRS level for that item further, right?

Referring to the SRS calculation here.

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It could be an asset though by making your next review even sooner. If you can’t even remember it even with another shot, that might help!

(The answer depends on how you review. For example, Tsurukame’s default settings have a “minimize review penalty” enabled which prevents exactly that, for backwards compatibility with older versions of the app which did this before the setting’s introduction.)

sometimes if I get an item wrong, it shows right after it is marked as incorrect. It breaks the srs a little bit I guess.

I thought it should appear in the end of that review session.

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If you are referring to the active queue its size is 10 items

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Yes, that was what I was referring to — thanks for the correction

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Yeah in native WK the active queue/batch size is 10 (don’t think that can be changed, though I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a script for that), though in Tsurukame the default is 5 (and can be changed in settings)

I never really paid much attention to when my incorrect items would come back, but I think theoretically it’s at any point within the batch? You may just be lucky (though whether that’s good or bad luck depends on how you wanna see it, but personally I feel like it doesn’t matter much in the long run, since SRS ain’t infallible and the info’ll get into your head eventually one way or another). I know I’ve had the second half of an item come in more than 10 items later before even in Tsurukame (which I haven’t changed from the default) because many cycled into and out of the queue before it finally got to it, but I can’t remember if it’s ever done that for an incorrect item…

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