WK Anki mod for supplemental learning?

Hi guys,
I have gotten to a point after reaching level 60, where I feel comfortable taking on some more learning outside of Wanikani. I am currently reading light novels and have decided to start inputting new kanji/vocab from them into Anki. The problem is me finding a template that works for me. I really want something that replicates the Wanikani experience. I have found a number of templates but none seem to suit the template I want fully. I’d like to do this myself, but like everyone is saying, Anki is really hard to learn, and would take me ages to figure out everything.

I really like the WK 10k template for Kana and combined with WKnai template for Kanji. But the vocab card types aren’t the same as Wanikani in regards to showing the vocab and having to enter in meaning and reading. Also, it seems to require preset audio files to work properly. There aren’t any verb cards either.

Hinekidori’s WK template is good too, but has the same issue with the vocab and verb card types as WK 10k.

I was wondering if someone has modified the above-mentioned vocab and verb card types on these templates to be like Wanikani? Or, know of a different template that replicates the WK experience?

EDIT: I found a work-around for the vocab cards in 10k WK mod without having to know any coding. For the Vocab Recall card in the Front Template, I just do a search for the word ‘{{English}}’ and replace with ‘{{Japanese}}’, and now it works like WK now! It’ll have to do for now. lol. Also, I have realised that there is no need for separate verb cards, since they can easily be put in vocab cards.

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