Subscription end a while ago and 1-3 level of review piled up

Hi, I suddenly got busy with life and forgot about wanikani, now I that I have more free time I thought to learn japanese again, however my wanikani subscription end a while ago, around 1-2 month, and 1-3 level of reviews piled up, my question is should I finish all the reviews first or just subscribe back?

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Personally I would finish them.

I was level 4, and went away for months and my reviews and lessons were very high also, was overwhelming for me. Since I bought lifetime with the current promotion though I just YOLO reset back to 1 so I could have a fresh start.

Since you’re level 7 and you’re currently on free, I would just do the reviews first and then re-subscribe so that you don’t get overwhelmed with content.


Personally I would buy the lifetime subscription now, while it’s on sale, so you don’t have to worry about life getting in the way again. Just don’t do any lessons until you get your reviews under control