I was away for a month, should I start over?

Hello friends! I was very diligent from level 1 to 5 using wanikani every day and was doing fine. But then a lot of stuff happened in my life that I just set this aside and then a whole month passed by.
I’m considering just starting over since when I tried to do my pending reviews I had actually forgoten a lot of the kanjis. Most of them where from level 4 or 5 wich i guess is normal since I have not reviewed them THAT much.
But since I’m still in the very first levels I thought maybe I should start over. What do you suggest? Do I push through my reviews re-learning all the once I forgot or start over fresh and that way I can review even the earlier ones?

I’d say redoing level 1 and 2 is probably redundant. Then again, giving yourself an easy start might be a good way to return to the habit of lessons and reviews.

Since you’re not lifetime, I think it’s more about cost here. It really depends on how well you’re doing with reviews here. So, checking over the previous levels before making a decision seems prudent - no need to overdo the rehashing of old material unless you need it.

You can use user scripts like the Self-Study Script and the Item Inspector to sort items by level and quiz yourself on them to see where you’re at. Or just read through the items for each level and honestly ask yourself if you know these items or not. When you encounter a level where you can’t remember most items, that’s something to perhaps redo.


Thank you, that actually seems more prudent! I will check it out and see from where I should re-start instead of going all the way back to 1.

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Yeah, when I did my own restart, I went back to lv 6. (it was after having a nearly 1 year hiatus from WK and very little reading to keep my reading ability up…so, yeah, I felt i could do with a rehash - but i’m lifetime so have the luxury of doing so now).

In any case, good luck with your studies! You’ve got this! ^>^

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In a situation like yours I would use a reorder script like Reorder Omega and order the reviews by level. Once you encounter a level that is too hard you should reset to this level. That way you won’t have to redo the first easy levels.


I was away for almost six months somewhere in the mid-teens. I thought about resetting, but decided to just chip away at the review pile for a while and see how it went first.

It turned out I hadn’t forgotten as much as I thought I would. For older levels, most of the reviews I missed were relatively advanced, meaning the review interval was longer to begin with and so my review wasn’t actually all that “late.”

Just don’t do any new lessons until you’re caught up.

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A month is not a big deal, actually. You can definitely pick up where you left off and just continue doing reviews. The SRS will take care of the rest.


Thank you everyone for your advise <3!! I felt like a month was a lot but I guess I was taking it out of proportion due to my guilt haha.

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