Losing subcription for a moment, in relation to reviews

hi there, goodmorning.

last night, my subscription to wanikani expired. before this, i was around level 7. and when i came for reviews, i found level 3 items in my reviews as well as level 3 being my registered level. the reviews are fine i think, since its been a month before the came back.

when i resubscribe, will wanikani automatically put me back at my previous level?


Yes, you’ll be back at whatever level you were before your subscription expired. They don’t delete your progress, just remove access.

I don’t know if the time to next review pauses or picks up where it should though.



for the next review time, that doesn’t matter. i’ll deal with it. :relaxed:

I think anything above level is put in vacation mode. Otherwise you’d potentially come back to a huge review pile.

Which is the same behaviour as when you have lifetime subscription and come back after a while. I think time just keeps ticking. Now the reverse would be interesting - vacation mode is only available for paid subscriptions, so what happens if you set vacation mode and then during your absence your subscription expires? Does vacation mode turn off, or is it still on when you resubscribe? (I’m assuming the latter btw).

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The difference is with lifetime you can at least access reviews anytime you want. If your subscription expires, you can’t.

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