I've finally conquered a 550 review pile, and back to 0!

Last Christmas I cancelled my Wanikani subscription and subsequently took a break from Japanese after feeling overwhelmed and saving up for something. I still did my level 1-3 review, but when I finally resubscribed on the 26th of January I was hit with 440 reviews, making me stop using WaniKani for another couple of weeks, increasing to about 550. Recently I’ve finally come up with a plan on what to do beyond WaniKani and my plans for learning Japanese as a whole, which gave me enough motivation to finally chip through the reviews at 50-100 a day. Now I’ve gotten to the bottom again! I’ll start doing lessons again on Sunday (writing this on a Friday night), but this time do them in the evening instead of the morning, since that’s when I have some free time. Hopefully this will be less overwhelming than trying to do 30 lessons in 10 minutes before class in the morning to maintain full speed.


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