What should I do now?

So I finished the first 3 levels and I’m planning to buy WaniKani later (2-3 months or so) I’ve been doing the reviews I get during this time, is it fine if everything I learned from the first 3 levels gets enlightened-burned before I start level 4 or should I wait till i buy it to review them?


It doesn’t matter if you start burning items, as that just shows you’re done learning them. Meanwhile, postponing your reviews can hurt your retention of those items. It’s best to stick to the SRS schedule when possible. ^^


May I ask why you’re planning to buy WaniKani later and not now?

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it happen to me last year… when i finished first three levels on march 2020 and i cant afford to purchase yearly subscription… so i wait until next xmas event and yeah here i am :joy:
during march - december i did not do reviews anymore… and forgot almost all of it…


I don’t know why but it hillarious to me to think that you burn items on the first thee levels. I don’t see any problem in that. It would be better since you remember everything on the first 3 levels.

I know this might sound stupid and heartless (because I don’t know your circumstance), but $10 a month is not a lot don’t wait and save them to wait for 2-3 month to be able to I guess subscribe the yearly or lifetime plan. Your time in learning Japanese is more valuable than that.

Especially with Wanikani, the earlier you learn kanji and vocabs the easier your life would be in learning Japanese.

I’m planning to buy a yearly plan and you’re completely right 10$ a month isn’t much it’s just that I currently have a test that I have to study for and I can’t make enough time for Japanese this test is very important in the country I’m in and I must take it.


It takes about 6 months to take an item from apprentice to burned and most of that is the wait time for enlightened to burned. So you probably won’t have them burned in 2-3 months. It would be best to continue with a regular review schedule for them until you sign up. Everything you burn will stay in your memory for a good while, so it’s best to get it to that stage. Even though you do forget burned items eventually if you don’t use them, you’ll be able to relearn them a lot easier.

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I need to study for a test that I have to take in my country.


I see. Best of luck with your test then. See you on Wanikani in the next few months.

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When you are ready to buy, ask via the support chat if there are any available coupons. More than likely they will give you a 10 or 20% off coupon for yearly.


Oh? I’ve never heard about this before… I’m planning to buy a yearly plan next month, is this something I can do even as someone who has subscribed before? Also what do you mean by support chat?

Well, if you have time to do the reviews I’d do them :slight_smile:

Have you ever listened to the Tofugu Podcast? It sometimes mentions a coupon. I think this months’ coupon is still valid and it is in the “What should I call you” series.

They sent me a 50% off coupon code (for the yearly and monthly subscriptions, not the lifetime) in one of the early emails right after I had started using the program, so if you still have your initial emails from them, I’d check those! That’s what I used to pay for my annual subscription, since I had just missed the December sale.


There used to be a chat option for support, if memory serves.

Instead, just send a message to support from here:

WaniKani / Contact

There is still! You just have to click Help then Chat with Us :slightly_smiling_face:

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 11.53.43 am


@fallynleaf That sounds interesting. I’m afraid in my e-mails I don’t find anything like that. Would it be possible to know more about that coupon that you mention? Thank you anyway.

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Now I’m wondering if the one that I had was actually part of the December sale, and it might not be sent out year-round :sweat_smile:. But I would definitely email them and see if they can give you a coupon of some sort. They seem to be pretty generous and willing to accommodate people as much as possible.

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You’re making a good decision.

There’s been a 50% off lifetime winter-holiday sale as a regular yearly thing for a while I think.

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