Stumped by a Song Lyric 凛と


So I found a new song, but one of the lyrics is absolutely stumping me. Well, actually just one word/structure that I cannot figure out for the life of me

この想いを 凛と開いて

First half, easy. 開いて makes sense. But 凛と? I’m confused. I can only get “cold” and “severe” as the translation from Jisho, and when I put it into Google translate, I get “open with dignity”…and yet the translation for the lyric I’ve found says “open forthrightly.” How is と changing the meaning of 凛?

I am so very VERY confused.

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Jisho has more than that… maybe you missed this entry?


There are many adverbs that take と as their typical particle.

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Oh I’m so stupid—I totally skipped over the second definition, and only the second one :smiling_face_with_tear:

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you’re not stupid, it’s totally normal to do that ^^

just don’t accidentally skip instructions on a manual for making atomic bombs ;]

Honestly, I’d be worried if he had a manual on how to make atomic bombs and actually use it :sweat_smile:

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eh, might as well get our end over with