Help Trying to Understand a Sentence

So I’m trying to understand an example sentence from WK lvl4:

I just can’t figure the role of the と. any explanations?

When 意外 is used as an adverb like that (to mean “unexpectedly/surprisingly”), it takes the と particle :slightly_smiling_face:

Screenshot source


Aha! Thanks, didn’t notice that…

There are some adverbs that use と in place of に. A lot of onomatopoeia adverbs in particular do this.


No problem! :slightly_smiling_face: as you can see, some words take specific particles over others when they’re used, dictionaries can help differentiate and teach them from time to time, but you just kind of learn through exposure, as with most things in Japanese :see_no_evil:


This. I immediately was able to guess it used と instead of に because I had heard 意外と so much before.

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Yeah, just starting to get more exposure these days and not just focusing on WK, so I know it will happen eventually. It is very time consuming, but so much fun! And definitely learning much more.

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