Particle or noun? (Yotsubato! Chapter 1, Page-8 )


I have a little problema with Yotsuba’s dad’s sentence while she’s at the window car waving at people:

あんまり のりだす あぶないぞー

How can I interpret ? Does it mean the car door or is it a particle?

Thank you for your help

と here is a kind of conditional. It’s saying that if she leans forward too much it’s dangerous.

You can read more about this and other conditionals here:


I see, it works as if it was an inflexion of the verb のりだす.

Thank you so much.

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I recently started reading Yotsubato as well and I have a good suggestion for you: use this thread よつばと!Vol 1 Discussion Thread (Beginner's Book Club) when you have any doubt about a specifc passage in the manga; you can search a specific sentence/word in that thread using ctrl+f and it will come up with any post mentioning that sentence/word.
If you have a doubt about something chances are that in that 1000 posts thread somebody already asked the question you have in mind, and somebody else already replied to that. It has been incredibly helpful for me so far.


Thanks so much.

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I am horrible with grammar but i bought this book and hoping to give it a try really soon.

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