A little grammar help, please!

This is a sentence from this evening’s listening practice. What is the use of the と?


Is it 途? As in “way”. Outside the use of 途中, I haven’t seen it much!

Thank you for any help!

Does it come with an English translation? Without any context, my best guess is that it’s the conditional と.


Here’s a Stack Exchange answer on it.

I’m not sure what version of と it is, but I would say I don’t see anything conditional about it. Someone in the comments there talks about the “making things into an adverb” と. So that could be it.

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Thank you!

The full part was,


It was about the design of the UN flag.

Ah! Thank you for the link :).

I wonder if there’s any relation between this へと and the と that’s kind of a conditional and kind of just used as a conjunction.

I’ve never seen that と described as being able to follow a particle like that. But then again, my Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns doesn’t seem to have anything that fits へと. It might be a unique compound particle. When I google around for it, I don’t see things like をと or にと come up as generalizations.

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@Leebo @seanblue

Here is the flag and the script for more context. However, I think that the Stack Exchange link’s description suits best here.

Thank you both!


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