Study log? i guess

I might forget about this >~< but anyway, today was my first day trying this. I’ve been quite enjoying this! I’m just learning for fun. I got through the first 5(?) lessons, and have done 3 reviews today. Anyway that’s it i guess


Hi :person_raising_hand: and welcome​:raised_hands: I’m glad I’m not the only level one​:sweat_smile:. Anyway, do your best and have fun


Oh! I forgot about this, as expected ^^; well, it’s day three(?), and I’ve gotten to the first few kanji! I feel that this is working quite well for me, and I have WaniKani in the brain 24-7 (literally, i dreamt about it last night! haha)
I feel like i have learned so much already! (definitely way more than I actually have!)


I think I will do this at an interval like this. I have been working on the first few vocabs, and doing reviews as they come. I’m only working on a few things at a time, so I don’t get overwhelmed. I also have level 2 unlocked! I’m going to do some more lessons now.

Well, I have been neglecting this, haven’t I? I’m still level 2, which is ok. Taking it slow for now.

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