Thank you, WaniKani!

After a couple of years of using this service I just want to say thank you! I absolutely love WaniKani and want to gush about it a little bit.

  • I passed the N3 last December with no deliberate kanji study other than using WaniKani.
  • I’m attempting to read harder texts and finding that even if I don’t know a word, I can often look it up by guessing the reading, or just part of the reading.
  • I can often even guess the meanings of new words if they’re written entirely with characters I know.
  • The “mindlessness” of WaniKani (not having to plan out when to do reviews, not having to decide which characters to study, etc.) is really helpful when you don’t know what you should be studying next.
  • People sometimes complain that some of the vocabulary is rarely seen in real life, but I’ve still managed to grow a pretty large practical vocabulary base which has been strongly supplemented by WaniKani.

I first became interested in studying Japanese in high school, and high-school me would be absolutely floored at what I’m able to read now. When I take a step back and look at a paragraph or page I just read and think “holy crud, I can actually read this”, it makes me feel like a freaking wizard.

So thanks, WaniKani!

Of course, feel free to share your accomplishments here too! :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your progress! Reading stories like this is really heartening to someone just starting out. So thanks for sharing. I don’t really have any accomplishments to share myself yet. Hopefully, I’ll experience that feeling sometime in the future. One obvious thing I have noticed is just how much easier it is to learn new vocabulary when you are familiar with the kanji that make it up. When I run into a word in one of my vocab lists that uses a kanji I learned on here it sticks so much faster. I feel bad for people who are learning Japanese without a tool like this.

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