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Sup everyone

When I first started learning Japanese (like 3 weeks ago lul) I hated the idea of Kanji and was worried I’d never learn all of those same looking symbols.

Now after starting Wanikani however it litteraly changed into my favourite thing to do during my free time ^^

It may be because I just started and haven’t went into the grind and the levels of “hell” etc. but seeing that I have 60 Lessons in front of me kind of excites me more than it makes me feel annoyed.

I hope Kanji will keep being this fun and also useful! I started learning Grammar with Genki and realised that writing the kanji for the numbers is way more convenient that typing out the Hiragana x)

Have a good day if you’re reading this,



I was/am the same way. I look forward to my WK time each day now.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it here! See you at level 60! ^_^.

Welcome! I experienced the same thing when I started.

As exciting as it is to get new lessons, I would recommend starting to spread out your lessons a little instead of doing them all at once. In the beginning it’s not too bad, but eventually all your reviews end up being at the same time - you could have 30-40 one day, and then 3-400 the next day. I would recommend doing the radicals right away, and then spreading out the rest over the next couple days…

Sorry, don’t mean to dampen your excitement, it’s just something I wish I knew or thought to do before I hit level 30ish. Welcome and good luck on your kanji journey!


Yeah I’ve already done my mistake x) Learned like 50 Lessons and although I’ve already reviewed once, I got 70 reviews up now… Rip, well gotta go through with it :smiley: I think I’ll follow your guide of doing radicals and then spreading it over 4 days or so or I will get frustrated very quickly…

Thanks a lot x)

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