Yuhere's Study Log

Hello everyone, I’ve seen a lot of study logs since I started using Wanikani and decided to start one myself. I just recently started so I am in level 2 right now, but so far it has been a really fun experience. I hope this study log will help me stay on track and keep at it until the end since I tend to lose my self quite easily. That being said, here we go.


As a fellow newbie who tends to drop things, I’m quite excited to follow your study guide and see how it helps you keep with it!

Best of luck!

Welcome and good luck! Excited to see your progress. :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for the support. Today I did some more reviews and have finally reached level 3. Now I have 46 lesson to do.

Today I did about 46 reviews and about 42 lesson. I also started to learn grammar through the book みんなの日本語。

Hello everyone, today I did some review and learn a few new kanji and vocabs.

Hello, I did a few more lesson and reviews. I am almost done with level three and will be moving to level 4, I am really excited.

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